The Walking Dead season 5 spoilers: A major character death already filmed?

the walking dead season 5 spoilers glenn will die
the walking dead season 5 spoilers glenn will die

The Walking Dead season 5 is currently filming, and rumor has it a big death will have fans reeling in the next season, which is set to premiere on AMC this fall. (WARNING: Spoilers below.)

The Walking Dead season 5 spoiler you’ve been dreading!

According to the Spoiling Dead Facebook fan page, they have multiple sources that revealed not only will Glenn die in season 5, but that it will be early on in the season, and that the scene has already been filmed.

Of course fans of the comic books know that Glenn does die, and that Maggie is left behind, but Glenn is an original, and we just don’t think we’re ready to say goodbye to him on The Walking Dead in season 5.

This will be awful!

If these rumors are true, we are totally dreading watch a Glenn death scene, not to mention the aftermath and Maggie’s mourning.

Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn on The Walking Dead was spotted leaving set later that night, hugging production members and shaking everyone’s hands. (Well, that’s not a good sign!)

It looks like The Walking Dead will continue to torture us in season 5, and that we’ll just keep taking it! (But remember, this has NOT been confirmed, so there’s still hope!)

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