‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Premiere Recap: Episode 1 – ‘No Sanctuary’

The Walking Dead season 5 premiere recap: Episode 1 -- 'No Sanctuary.'
The Walking Dead season 5 premiere recap: Episode 1 -- 'No Sanctuary.'
The Walking Dead season 5 premiere recap: Episode 1 — ‘No Sanctuary.’ (AMC)

The Walking Dead” season 5 premiere started off with some serious drama. Viewers watched as Rick and the rest of the gang made makeshift weapons to defend themselves against the evils at Terminus when they’re attacked inside the train car they’re being kept prisoner in.

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Premiere — ‘No Sanctuary’

Jump forward in time and Rick is waking up next to Daryl, Bob, Glenn, and four other Terminus prisoners. “The Walking Dead” fans watch as the Terminus “butchers” knock out each one down the line and slit their throats, getting them ready to be butchered like animals for the people at the “sanctuary” to eat.

However, what Rick and his friends, along with the Terminus group don’t realize, is that Carol is there to save the day.

“The Walking Dead” fans watched as Carol and Tyreese headed towards Terminus with baby Judith in hopes of finding their friends, and shelter, but instead found one of the Terminus gang talking on his walkie talkie about taking their friends out. They take the man prisoner and Tyreese keeps him and Judith as Carol goes off to save the day.

Carol uses her knowledge and new found courage to cause an explosion at Terminus, letting the walkers in, along with chaos. Carol then gets inside and looks for her friends, who are busy escaping themselves.

‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Oct. 12, 2014

Finally, after an epic battle at Terminus, Rick and the entire gang are free and jump the fence into the woods, where the find Carol. Daryl and Carol have a very emotional reunion, and then she and Rick hug it out as well, as he silently thanks her for saving their lives.

Carol leads Rick, Carl, and the rest of the group to Tyreese, whose had some trouble with his prisoner, and was forced to kill him, along with a gaggle of walkers, bare handed.

Rick and Carl are reunited with baby Judith, whom they thought had died at the prison, and Tyreese finally finds his sister, Sasha. The group’s future is uncertain, but together, they head back on the train tracks to find shelter and supplies.

Meanwhile, a hooded man walks along behind them and looks at the Terminus sign, which Rick has changed to say “no sanctuary.” The man takes off his hood and mask and it’s revealed that it’s Morgan, Rick’s former friend. Morgan sees carvings on the trees and the first episode of “The Walking Dead” season 5 comes to an end with the huge expectations to follow.

“The Walking Dead” season 5 premiere definitely did not disappoint. There was so much action, fear, anticipation, and emotion in the scenes and fans can’t wait until next Sunday to tune in for more.

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