‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5, Episode 2 Recap: [Spoiler] Gets Eaten!

The Walking Dead season 5, episode 2 recap.
The Walking Dead season 5, episode 2 recap.
The Walking Dead season 5, episode 2 recap. (AMC)

The Walking Dead” season 5 is now in full swing, and in episode 2, titled “Strangers,” the intense drama didn’t stop.

‘The Walking Dead’ season 5, episode 2 — ‘Strangers’

Rick and the gang are out on the road after leaving Terminus when they hear someone screaming for help. Of course, the answer the call and find a man, Father Gabriel, being attacked by walkers, which they then kill.

Gabriel takes the group back to his church where he says he’s been living alone, but has recently run out of food. Father Gabriel then tells the group that there is a food bank nearby, but that it’s overrun with walkers. Rick, Bob, Sasha, Michonne, and Gabriel go there to get supplies.

While there, the gang finds that all the canned goods are in a hole in the floor, which is filled with disgusting water, and walkers. They jump right in and begin killing. When they think they’re done they start packing up supplies, but Bob gets a surprise when he’s grabbed by a walker and drug under the water. Sasha soon comes to his rescue and all seems okay.

Meanwhile, Carl and Rick talk about how they don’t trust Father Gabriel, and find clues that he’s hiding something from them, but what?

The gang settles in to the church to eat their new found food, and Abraham makes a speech about how they need to go to Washington D.C. with Eugene and have a fresh start in the world. Rick and the rest agree.

‘The Walking Dead’ recap: October 19, 2014

Later, Carol and Daryl are outside and see a car pass by on the road. The same car with the white cross in the back that took Beth. The duo jumps into a nearby car and follows them.

All the while, Bob and Sasha are getting closer, and when Bob goes outside the church for some air, and to reflect on the days’ events, he’s stuck on the head from behind.

Bob wakes up later to find Gareth and some of the other people from Terminus around a campfire. Gareth tells Bob that they must eat people to survive, and not to take it personally. It’s then shown that Bob’s leg has been cut off and that the Terminus group is eating it, right in front of him.

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