‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 finale recap – ‘A’

the walking dead season 4 finale recap
the walking dead season 4 finale recap

The Walking Dead” season 4 finale is finally here, and fans cannot wait to see how it all plays out.

‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 finale: Episode 16 — ‘A’

In season 4, episode 16, titled “A,” the gang will face the craziest form of brutality they’ve ever seen.

As their paths finally collide again we’ll see inside Terminus, and all it has to offer.

“Honestly, people are going to be talking about this one. The cliffhanger at the end of Season 4 will make the wait between the seasons 4 and 5 the hardest wait we’ve ever had. Enjoy!” Robert Kirkman, creator of the comic book series revealed.

Many theories have come from fans and websites over the past few weeks. Some are that cannibals live at Terminus, and that they may have Beth.

In fact, one of the most stomach turning theories is that Beth was at Terminus, and killed, and perhaps the gang will be eating one of their own when they arrive at the “sanctuary.”

Another theory is that they’ll all head to Washington D.C. with Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita, as last week’s episode was titled “US,” and this week is “A,” some theories put them together to make “USA” and a trip to D.C.

Check back here after the show for the full recap from “The Walking Dead” season 4 finale, which will be posted below.

‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 finale recap: ‘A’

‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 finale opens with Rick having a flashback to the prison, and how life once was. Viewers even get to see a glimpse of the late Hershel.

Flash to the present and Rick is bloodied and sitting on the ground somewhere alone. He looks shaken up, but why? The events leading up to Rick’s bloody breakdown are then shown.

Rick, Carl, and Michonne are on the road heading to Terminus. Carl wonders what will happen when they get to Terminus, and if they’ll share secrets from their past with the residents.

The trio then hear the screams of a man who is getting attacked by a heard of walkers. They run away and find more walkers. Rick, Michonne, and Carl find a car, and set up camp, but they aren’t alone. Joe and his gang find them, and put a gun to Rick’s head.

Daryl comes upon them and tells Joe to let “this people” go because they’re good people. Daryl offers himself as a sacrifice to save Rick and Michonne as Carl watches from inside the car.

Joe gang begins beating up on Daryl, as Rick tries to fight Joe off. Meanwhile Carl and Michonne are fighting off their own attackers. Rick then takes a huge bite out of Joe’s neck,killing him as Michonne and Daryl kill their attackers.

Rick snaps and kills another brutally stabbing him over and over as Carl watches.

More flashbacks reveal Hershel telling Rick he needs to teach Carl how to survive outside of killing and shooting.

The next morning after the attack by Joe’s group, Rick is in a state of shock, as Michonne comforts a sleeping Carl, and Daryl tries to clean up Rick.

Daryl tells Rick what happened to Beth, and how he came to be with Joe’s group. Rick tells Daryl he’s not to blame for joining Joe’s group. Daryl tells Rick that anyone could have lost control like he did, but Rick’s not convinced.

The group reaches Terminus and stake it out to see what’s going on at the “sanctuary.”

Michonne tells Carl that her son Andre died because she, Andrew, her boyfriend Mike, and their friend Terry were at a camp that was getting bad.

She was coming back from a run when she saw the walkers attacking. She reveals Mike and Terry were high when it attacked happened, and were bit. She turned them in to her pets for letting her son die.

Michonne opens up to Carl saying Andrea, Rick, Carl, and the rest of the gang brought her back from a very dark place, and tells Carl not to be afraid of his father, or anyone in their group.

Carl then opens up to Michonne and tells her that he’s not what Rick thinks he is, and that he’s just “another monster.” Rick decides to bury his weapons in the woods so he can come back for them “just in case,” and the group jump the fences into Terminus.

They walk into a big room where they see people, and the voice from the radio, sending out the broadcast on the radio. Others are painting signs, and they are surprised to see the group. A man introduces himself as Gareth, and Rick looks leery.

Gareth tells them not to try anything stupid, and they even let them keep their weapons.

Mary and another man Alex offer Rick and the group a plate of food, but Rick freaks out and pulls his weapon, the rest of the group follows. Rick pulls out the watch that Hershel gave Glenn from Alex’s pocket, and asks where he got the watch.

Alex tells him that he got the watch off a dead man, and then they see Maggie’s poncho, Glenn’s riot gear, and other things from their group.

A shootout starts and the gang look for a way out. They hear people being held captive, and see bones, guts, and blood as they scramble to get out. They come upon a large group and realize they’re surrounded.

Rick and the gang are forced into a train car, and inside they find Glenn, Maggie, and his group, all still alive.

“They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out,” Rick says. “They’re screwing with the wrong people,” he finishes.

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