‘The Walking Dead’ inspired game show coming to BBC

the walking dead zombie apocalypse game show
Walking Dead inspired game show coming to TV (AMC)

The Walking Dead has really ignited the whole zombie craze, which to be fair, was around long before the hit AMC series. Now, a new zombie apocalypse game show is set to hit the airwaves.

The Walking Dead inspired game show coming to TV

The game show will feature contestants who are trapped inside a shopping mall (Sounds more like Dawn of the Dead to us.) and will have to use “urban survival tactics” to escape from getting “bitten” by a zombie.

Contestants will have to survive a zombie apocalypse to win

The show, which is titled I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse, will air on the BBC network. The contestants will have to “stay alive” to win the show, but will also be forced to overcome obstacles which will put them in close contact with “zombies” in order to survive.

The show has already been picked up for 7 episodes, but we’ll have to see what happens after that.

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