‘The Walking Dead’: A Rick and Beth Romance Almost Happened!

The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln wanted a Rick and Beth romance?
The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln wanted a Rick and Beth romance? (AMC)

The Walking Dead” fans love to ‘ship their favorite couples such as Maggie and Glenn, Daryl and Beth, Daryl and Carol, and others. However, Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes on the hit AMC show recently revealed that he pitched the idea for a Beth and Rick romance.

Andrew Lincoln pitched a Rick and Beth storyline

According to Andrew Lincoln, he pitched a storyline to execs that included Beth, played by Emily Kinney, having a huge crush on leader Rick, which upset his son Carl, who of course had a crush on Beth.

The “Walking Dead” star told Entertainment Weekly, “I actually pitched an idea, I think in season 3. I said, ‘I think Beth should have a crush on Rick. And Rick doesn’t have a clue how to deal with it. And also, Carl is really upset about it. And then Hershel gets involved as well.’ And everybody ignored me as usual. But I thought it was quite a good pitch,” Andrew Lincoln said.

‘The Walking Dead’ returns in February

Meanwhile “Walking Dead” fans are cringing a bit at the thought of Rick and Beth together. However, sadly Beth will no longer be ‘shipped with anyone, because she tragically died in the mid-season finale much to the shock of viewers.

Now, we’re all forced to wait until February to find out what happens after Beth’s death, and how it will affect the gang, especially her sister Maggie and Daryl, who tried so hard to save her.

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