The Vampire Diaries season 5 finale recap: ‘Home’

the vampire diaries season 5 finale recap home
the vampire diaries season 5 finale recap home

The Vampire Diaries season 5 finale is upon us, and after last week’s shocking and dramatic death, we can barely wait to find out what happens in the final episode of the season.

The Vampire Diaries season 5 finale — ‘Home’

Damon will urge Bonnie to find a way to bring Stefan back, and reminds her that if the other side disappears, so will she.

Meanwhile, Damon comes up with a plan to stop Markos once and for all, but it results in a huge explosion in Mystic Falls.

While we’re assuming that Stefan will come back, there will be 3 deaths in the season 5 finale that are permanent. (We’re worried already!)

This finale will be a game changer, as well as a setting changer for The Vampire Diaries, which will have new locations for season 6, which will air this fall on the CW. (Does this mean that Mystic Falls gets destroyed?!)

Vampire Diaries recap: May 15, 2014

Stefan is dead and Caroline is freaking out. Elena and Damon are shocked to see that he’s dead, and want Bonnie to bring him back. Meanwhile, Stefan watches from the other side as things continue to get worse over there, and Stefan meets up with his late best friend, Lexi.

Damon is furious when he finds out that Bonnie’s plan is dead, and she can’t bring Stefan, or anyone else back, reminding her that if the other side goes away, she’ll go away as well.

Enzo tells Bonnie that he has a plan, and that he needs a witch to do the spell. Elena stops Liv and Luke and tells them that Stefan is dead, and that they’re going to help bring him back.

Elena tells them that they have to kill a lot of Travelers, including Markos to do the spell, but they refuse to help. Caroline kills Luke. “Your brother is officially on the other side. Think you can help now?” she asks Liv.

Markos tells Sheriff Forbes that he has a plan, and that the Travelers are going to live happily in Mystic Falls. Markos then kills Tyler by taking away his magic.

Jeremy used his hunter skills to find out where the magical border begins and ends as Damon devises a plan to kill a lot of Travelers at one time.

Damon wants to evacuate the town by pretending there’s a serious gas leak, and then blow up the town full of Travelers.

Silas is the one who knows the spell, and wants Bonnie to bring him back to life with the rest of her friends, as they want to bring back Lexi, Alaric, and all the other loved ones they’ve lost who are on the other side.

The Travelers gather at The Grill as the gang begins to carry out their spell, but Markos is intent on keeping Sheriff Forbes with the Travelers.

Damon tells Elena that he’s going to trigger the explosion, meaning he’d die and end up on the other side. Elena does not want him to do it, but he insists, promising her that he’ll make it back to her.

The creepy wind from the other side comes back, and Bonnie rushes to save Enzo, but leaves Silas to be sucked into oblivion.

Liv begins the spell as Matt and Jeremy start the gas leak, and Grams tells Bonnie that she’s staying on the other side when the ritual begins.

Damon is ready to sacrifice his life to save everyone, and Elena jumps in the car with him. The two drive off together into Mystic Falls and cause a huge explosion at The Grill.

Markos and The Travelers pass through Bonnie, and Damon and Elena pass through her as well. Elena sees her charred body, and finds Alaric, who promises to find Damon and send him back as well.

Liv is doing the spell and Luke comes back and tells Liv to stop. Enzo is next and returns to the land of the living. Tyler comes back and realizes that he’s not a hybrid anymore.

Elena refuses to leave without Damon and Bonnie grabs her sending her back through. Bonnie falls and Stefan grabs her, going back to the land of the living.

Lexi thinks Bonnie is dying from the spell, and refuses to pass through her. She finds peace, and is taken to a happier place.

Damon and Alaric find Bonnie, and Alaric goes through her, but Luke stops the spell before Damon can regain life.

Bonnie tells Elena it’s too late to bring Damon back, and that he’s stuck on the other side. Bonnie tells her that Damon’s there and she needs to say goodbye.

Stefan feels guilty for leaving the other side without Damon and Lexi.

Damon tells Elena that she was the greatest thing that ever happened to him, and that he had a fulfilled life because she loved him, and he leaves. Alaric comes to comfort Elena.

Bonnie tells Jeremy the truth, that she’ll go when the other side goes and that could be anytime. He rushes to her and she dies, passing over to the other side where Damon is waiting. The clasp hands and cross over, and the episode ends!

Seriously, we’re already dying for season 6 this fall!

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