The Vampire Diaries recap: Season 5, Episode 20 – ‘What Lies Beneath’

the vampire diaries recap what lies beneath
the vampire diaries recap what lies beneath

The Vampire Diaries is back, and it’s about to seriously hit the fan. Everyone will be on high alert in this week’s episode, titled “What Lies Beneath,” as Markos is ready to carry out his plan.

The Vampire Diaries: Season 5, Episode 20 — ‘What Lies Beneath’

Tyler will turn up at the Salvatore house with news that Markos is ready to break the witches curse, meaning Stefan and Elena are in serious danger, as their blood is need to carry out the plan.

Damon will suggest that Stefan and Elena hide out in a cabin once owned by Caroline’s father, meaning there should be a lot of “Stelena” scenes for fans to enjoy.

Once they’re there, however, it becomes obvious to Caroline that Stefan and Elena are hiding a secret, and Damon comes up with a parlor game designed to get to the truth.

A ghostly presence at the cabin will make itself known by using violence and fire, as Matt takes charge of Tyler’s plan to get information on the Travelers.

Bonnie will keep the truth about the other side from Jeremy while receiving warnings from Grams.

Wow. It’s going to be another great episode. Be sure to check back after the episode for a full recap, which will be posted below.

‘The Vampire Diaries’ recap – May 1, 2014

Tyler wakes up to a girl kissing him, thinking he’s still the traveler, Julian, who’s been taking up residence in his body. She tells him that Markos is ready to take the doppelgangers, and Tyler turns into a werewolf in order to escape.

Luke is trying to do a locater spell for Damon to find Enzo, because he doesn’t know that Stefan killed him. Tyler rushes in to tell them what the Travelers are planning.

Damon is ready to kill Markos, and tells Luke to put a blocking spell on Stefan and Elena so that they can’t be found. Damon suggest they all go into hiding.

Caroline interrupts Stefan and Elena’s conversation about Enzo and Damon and realizes they’re hiding something. She also gets an eerie feeling outside cabin where they’re staying, and it’s Enzo’s spirit.

Damon and Elena talk about their awkward break up, and Damon tells her that he plans to hunt Enzo down and help him.

Bonnie and Jeremy finally get some alone time, but he’s not enjoying himself, because he’s worried that Bonnie will die if the other side disappears.

Bonnie gets a visit from Grams, who tells her to tell Jeremy the truth. They’re both startled when Grams is able to move something in the room. Later, Enzo realizes he can also moves things.

Caroline is making a game to play, and she tells Damon that she thinks “Stelena” are hiding something.

Jeremy and Matt chain Tyler up and bring out Julian, the Traveler. Meanwhile, the Travelers are packing up and heading out to find the doppelgangers.

Back at the cabin they’re playing charades, but Damon wants to play “Never have I ever,” meaning they have to tell the truth and drink.

Caroline says “never have I ever kissed a Salvatore brother….today,” wanting Elena to drink, but she doesn’t.

Elena heads upstairs to take a bath and get ready for bed. Once in the tub, Enzo holds her head under the water. Damon comes in and saves her. Stefan then realizes after talking to Bonnie that it’s Enzo causing the problems.

Elena tells Damon the whole story, and he is furious that they kept a secret from him. They then realize that Luke is gone, and the travelers find them because he’s not performing the blocking spell.

Meanwhile, Tyler’s traveler is being tortured to get info on Markos. Finally, Julian tells them he doesn’t know where Markos is, but he’ll tell them where his own body is.

Caroline gives Elena grief for lying to her about Enzo, while Stefan and Damon look for Luke, and hash out their issues over Enzo. The find Luke, but realize Enzo has a plan, and set the building on fire.

Bonnie and Jeremy go to find Julian’s body, and the discover all the bodies of the Travelers who are passengered inside the bodies of Mystic Falls residents. The travelers find them in the cave and put a spell on Jeremy and take Julian’s body.

Damon tells Enzo he can bring him back like Bonnie and Markos, if he helps them get out alive. Enzo lets them go. “Don’t let me down again,” he says to Damon, who obviously can’t hear him.

Tyler’s unhappy to find out the Traveler’s took Julian’s body, and begins having flashes of Julian’s life as the Travelers burn Julian’s body, and they do the spell to make Julian permanent in Tyler’s body.

Caroline tells Stefan she’s hurt that he didn’t tell her about Enzo, and she’s acting very jealous. Does she have feelings for Stefan? Stefan tells his friend he didn’t want her to think less of him.

Damon gives Elena the cold shoulder, and then tells her that he’s holding it together for her. “Being around you drives me nuts, and not being around you drives me nuts,” he tells his love. He kisses her, leaving her a bit breathless, and then she feels the Travelers come for her, and they have Stefan as well.

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