‘The Vampire Diaries’ recap: Season 5, Episode 19 – ‘Man on Fire’

the vampire diaries recap season 5 episode 19 man on fire
the vampire diaries recap season 5 episode 19 man on fire

The Vampire Diaries” is back, and starting to wind down season 5. In episode 19, titled “Man on Fire,” fans will get a glimpse into Enzo’s life.

‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5, episode 19 — ‘Man on Fire’

The episode will flashback to the 1960’s and give details on the woman Enzo loved, Maggie, who was killed.

Enzo believes that Stefan is the one who took Maggie’s life, and seeks revenge on him, putting both Stefan and Elena in a dangerous situation.

However, Damon hints that he may actually be the one who killed Maggie. Damon will find out the Traveler Knife has gone missing, while Bonnie will be busy dealing with the changes happening on the other side.

The Travelers will also be busy this week as Markos will strive to break an ancient curse on his people.

A full recap of the show will be posted below after the episode airs.

‘Vampire Diaries’ recap: April 24, 2014

Stefan is helping Elena study as well as trying to help distract her from her relationship problems with Damon.

Bonnie shows up and tells them that she knows she’s in jeopardy of dying because the other side is disintegrating, but has come to terms with it. She promises to ask Liv for help.

Matt and Jeremy realize that the traveler knife is gone as Damon comes to get it and is furious that they don’t have the knife.

Meanwhile, Tyler wakes up chained up with the travelers and is confused. Markos says the magic words and brings the passenger out living inside Tyler’s body.

Markos tells the travelers that they are trying to undo the witches curse which prohibits them from settling down as a people.

Sloan offers to drink Tyler’s hybrid blood and then Markos kills her, ensuring she’ll come back as a supernatural.

Enzo visits with Elena and Stefan and tells them that he’s been searching for Maggie, and reveals to them how they developed an attachment while he was imprisoned by the Augustines.

Enzo tells them that someone tore Maggie’s head off her body in 1960, and blames Stefan for her death because of his former ripper past. Stefan denies the accusation.

Enzo enlists Liv to torture Stefan and Elena as he has her brother, Luke, and is threatening to kill him if she doesn’t cooperate. Enzo remembers Maggie as the driving force that kept him alive during his imprisonment as he drinks at The Grill and continues to torture Stefan and Elena with vervain water, and reads them Maggie’s diary.

Bonnie is trying to contact Damon, and Enzo thinks it’s a good idea. Damon realizes he’s with Stefan and Elena and tries to defuse the situation.

Stefan then remembers election night if 1960 and how fed on a person that night after being clean. Maggie then approached him, knowing who he was, and tells him that she’s been searching for Damon, and knows everything about their family. Stefan warned Maggie to stay away from Damon, and she tells him she wants to kill him as revenge for Enzo’s assumed death. Stefan remembers biting Maggie, but claims he didn’t kill her.

After Enzo threatens Bonnie, Stefan confesses to the murder, and Enzo stabs him with a piece of wood. Damon gets the details on Maggie’s death from Sheriff Fobes, and sees the crime scene photos. He then realizes that he’s the one who killed Maggie, not Stefan.

Enzo has another flashback of Maggie telling him to make her a vampire so she can save him, but instead he compels her to leave Whitmore house and forget about Enzo altogether.

Bonnie tells Liv that her coven must know something that can help save the other side.

Enzo continues torturing Stefan, and his interrupted by Damon, and he tells his friend that he’s the one who killed Maggie. Damon reveals that Maggie tried to kill him, and he thought she wanted to take him back to the Augustines, so he killed her.

Enzo tells Damon that he doesn’t want to hate him, because if he hates him than he has nothing left. “There is another option,” he says, and Damon realizes that Enzo has just shut off his humanity switch.

Sloan wakes up and drinks blood finishing her transition as Tyler regains consciousness. Markos mixes the doppelganger blood and gives it to Sloan, who drinks it.

Enzo bites Liv and realizes that he doesn’t feel a thing. Damon tries to stop him and the two get into a vicious fight. Enzo escapes with Elena and Damon goes after him know that he’ll kill Elena to hurt Damon. “You can’t save him,” Stefan says, knowing they might have to kill Enzo.

Elena tries to reason with Enzo, but it doesn’t work. She tries to fight him off, and he snaps her neck. Stefan finds Enzo and things really get heated.

Liv tells Bonnie to say goodbye to her friends, because the other side is being destroyed due to Markos escaping.

Stefan and Enzo begin fighting as Damon comes up on Elena and quickly moves her out of harm’s way. Enzo leaks gasoline all over and lights Maggie’s lighter. Stefan plunges his hand into Enzo’s chest and grabs his heart. He tells Stefan that Damon will be upset when he finds out his brother killed his best friend, and then backs away from him, ripping his heart from his own chest.

Stefan texts Damon from Enzo’s phone making it appear like Enzo left town.

Stefan tells Elena what he did and begs her not to tell Damon, who is already fragile.

Jeremy and Matt tell Bonnie that they think Tyler’s with the travelers. Bonnie reveals to Jeremy that if the other side goes away she’s not sure what will happen.

Bonnie sees Enzo, who’s about to pass through to the other side, and he tells her she’ll see him again as he passes through her.

Sloan wakes up after ingesting the doppelganger blood and it’s revealed that she’s returned to her human state, and Sloan dies.

Markos reveals that doppelganger blood removes magic and that if a vampire takes it they’ll die as they’re supposed to be.

Damon tells Stefan that he’s going to get Enzo back to his humanity, and he says nothing. Damon reveals that he has to help Enzo, because he’s the one who got him through the hell of Augustine.

Enzo’s spirit says he never let go of a good vendetta, and “this one is just getting started,” after listening to Damon’s story.

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