‘The Following’ recap: Season 2 finale – ‘Forgive’

the following recap season 2 finale
the following recap season 2 finale

The Following” season 2 finale airs on Monday, April 28, and it’s set to be a big one. More lives will be lost, and a shocking twist is reportedly in store for fans.

In the episode, titled “Forgive,” Joe and Ryan will be forced to work together to try and save the woman they both love, Claire, who has been taken hostage by demented twins, Luke and Mark.

The twins have gone off the rails even more since losing their mother, Lilly Grey, who was killed by Mike Weston in an earlier episode.

Ryan, Joe, and Claire will all end up in the grasp of Luke and Mark, and it gets ugly. Will Claire die, and could Ryan handle that all over again?

Will Joe finally be wiped out, or will Max or Mike come to Ryan’s defense and lose their lives to Ryan’s “death curse?”

Is Mike even alive in tonight’s episode? We’ve got a photo that shows him still alive, but that could be before Joe shoots him. We just don’t know what will happen!

Come back after the episode airs for a full recap of the finale, which will be posted below. Enjoy the show!

‘The Following’ recap: April 28, 2014

Ryan is on the ropes inside the church as Joe has Mike, and kills the pastor’s son, Preston. He gets a phone call from Mark and Luke saying they have Claire, and will kill her if he doesn’t bring Joe, alive, to them.

Ryan calls Max and tells her his plan to escape with Joe and Mike. Ryan then surrenders himself to Joe, and gets close enough to tell him about Claire. Joe agrees to go with Ryan, and he and Mike sneak him out of the church.

Ryan and Joe head to the location of Mark, Luke and Claire, with Max and Mike far behind.

When they arrive at the late Lilly Grey, they find dinner  invitations for each of them, and walk inside, where they see a room full of photos, plans, and masks of Joe’s face.

Joe and Ryan both rush down to the basement when they hear Claire begin to scream and find her in a small room. Mark and Luke then gas the room and tie up all three of them.

When the wake up they’re sitting at the dinner table, as Mark and Luke have done to many of their victims throughout the season, and reveal that they’re going to kill all of them.

Joe and Ryan keep the twins talking, and Joe tells everyone that Ryan killed the man who shot his father when he was only a teenager.

Mark is fascinated by Ryan’s story and wants to let him live, but insists he still needs to be punished, so the twins agree to kill Max and Mike instead. Ryan insists that he’s not a good guy people think he is, as Joe sneaks a knife from the table and cuts himself free.

Just then, Max and Mike arrive and begin shooting, hitting Luke. Mark grabs Claire, and Joe runs for his life.

Max unties Ryan, and Mike goes to find the twins, seeing Mark. Mike tells Mark that he is the one that killed his mother, Lilly, not Ryan, and both twins then gang up on him, hitting him with a wooden board.

Max comes to his aide and shoots and kills Luke. Mark freaks and grabs his brother’s dead body and drags it away.

Joe finds Claire, and tells her he’s sorry for everything that he’s put her and their son through. She refuses to forgive him. Ryan comes upon them and pulls his gun. Max and Mike behind him.

All three of their guns drawn as Claire watches, and Ryan just can’t pull the trigger. He tells Max and Mike to call the police and arrest Joe.

Later, he wants to go away with Claire and Joey, but she tells him that they can’t be together because of all the bad memories they bring to one another, and they say goodbye.

Joe tells Ryan that he’ll wish he’d killed him, and Ryan says he won’t because he’s going to start a new life without Joe haunting him. “Good luck with that,” Joe tells Ryan.

Later, Ryan returns home, eats dinner, and goes to bed, but wakes from a nightmare about Mark coming after him.

In reality, Mark is still dragging Luke’s lifeless body around, and calls someone to come pick them up, but who? They drive away, and season 2 is a wrap.

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