‘The Following’ recap: Season 2, Episode 14 – ‘Silence’

the following recap season 2 episode 14 silence
the following recap season 2 episode 14 silence

The Following” only has 2 episodes left in season 2, and they are set to be huge. The Monday, April 21, 2014 episode, titled “Silence” will set up for a shocking season finale, and fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

‘The Following’ season 2, episode 14 — ‘Silence’

In tonight’s episode, Joe will finally reveal his dead plan, and put it into action as he threatens the lives of many.

Ryan and Mike will go to great lengths to stop Joe and prevent more innocent lives being taken.

Claire will make a big decision that will lead her into dangerous territory, as Mark and Luke try to figure out their next move without their leader and mother, Lilly Grey, whom Mike killed at the end of the last episode.

Meanwhile, Fox wants “The Following” fans to watch the final 2 episodes live, (Give your DVR a break!) and tweet along with the cast during the time the show airs using the hashtag #FollowingFriends.

Check back after tonight’s episode for a full recap, which will be posted below.

‘The Following’ recap: April 21, 2014

Luke and Mark hijack a woman’s car and kill her. They are in shock over their mother Lilly’s death at the hands of Mike.

Ryan tells the FBI that Lilly pulled a gun on him first, which is why Mike shot her, obviously protecting his friend. Late Ryan learns that Claire gave Carrie a message to read on air for Joe. He angrily confronts Claire, who tells him she has to have Joe dead in order to have any kind of life.

Ryan tells Claire she needs to go home, because he can’t do his job when she’s around, because she’s a distraction. The two share a kiss and then Claire finds Ryan’s stash of guns.

Emma asks Joe if he really thinks Claire is alive. He believes, but Emma thinks Ryan is setting a trap for him. Joe thinks Emma is threatened by Claire as she says she’ll leave if Joe begins falling apart again. Joe sends Robert and Emma to feel out the situation and see if it really is a trap.

Supporters gather at Kingston Tanner’s house as the police are there helping in hopes of getting his son Preston back from Joe’s clutches. Ryan tells Kingston that his son is alive, and that Joe took him. Ryan warns Kingston that he needs to stop making a “show” of the situation or he’ll die.

Joe calls Kingston and tells him to do exactly as he says and he’ll see his son again. One of Joe’s followers shows up at Kingston’s house and lights herself on fire. Kingston sees a van, and knows he’s supposed to get inside if he wants to see his son. Another follower hits him in the head and pulls him in the vehicle.

Joe tells Emma to let Robert protect her, and not put herself in danger, but she doesn’t want to leave Joe. He sweet talks her into leaving.

Ryan is angry when he learns that Kingston has left at Joe’s orders. His security tells Ryan that Kingston is wearing a tracker.

Joe’s followers begin to file into a church during a sermon as Ryan and Mike hurry to track their whereabouts. The cult brings heavy artillery with them, and bring Kingston to the church as well.

Joe’s followers chain the doors to the church and come in with guns drawn, creating a panic inside the church. Joe takes the stage in front of everyone and says he’ll be leading the service now. Meanwhile, Emma and Robert look for Claire.

The police arrive at the church and Joe’s outside follower draws her gun and tells them that if anyone tries to enter they’ll burn it down. Ryan looks for a way inside. Mike and Ryan find a way inside the church and see Joe’s followers set a trip wire to the window where they just came in.

Claire is being taken home and gases the car with the police in it. One chases after her and she sprays pepper spray in his eyes and runs away down the street.

Max calls Ryan and Mike and finds out they’re inside. He tells her not to let the police come in because the place is wired.

Preston and Kingston reunite, and Joe shows Kingston the video of Preston killing Courtney in order to save his own life. Joe tells him that God does not exist, but that he himself is very much a reality.

Joe goes online during a live stream, and Carrie sees the broadcast, telling her producers they need to go live. Joe wants Kingston to say that he has more power than God to save Preston’s life.

Kingston begs for his son’s life, but Joe pits them against each other, saying that if one of them doesn’t kill the other they will both die. Preston tries to come at Joe with the knife, but fails. Kingston then kills himself so that his son has a chance at life.

Claire shows up at her meeting place where Emma and Robert are waiting and planning to kidnap her. Emma confronts Claire and she demands to see Joe. Robert attacks Claire, but Emma wants to disobey Joe’s orders and kill Claire. Emma shoots Roberts and kills him and chases after Claire. Emma tells her that it’s her turn with Joe now.

Emma and Claire scuffle, and Claire stabs Emma and throws her out the window, and Emma is dead, leaving one of the main characters, and the only one of Joe’s original family of followers gone.

Just when Claire thinks she’s safe Mark and Luke show up and find her.

Ryan attacks one of Joe’s followers in hopes of diffusing the situation, but Mike is seen.

Joe tells whoever is out there to show themselves or he’ll kill Preston. Mike reveals himself to Joe to save Preston’s life. Joe knows that Ryan isn’t far behind, and tells him to come out or he’ll kill Mike. Joe tells Ryan that Mike is going to die in 3…2…1 and then a gunshot goes off.

Please tells us that Mike is not dead! We can not wait until next week’s season 2 finale to find out how this all plays out!

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