‘The Big Bang Theory’ recap: Penny and Leonard get engaged!

the big bang theory recap penny and leonard get engaged
the big bang theory recap penny and leonard get engaged

The Big Bang Theory” fans watched as fan favorite couple, Penny and Leonard, finally got engaged, and for real this time. (We told you so, cough, cough!) 

‘The Big Bang Theory’: Penny and Leonard get engaged!

After Penny is fired from her terrible monkey movie, which co-starred Will Wheaton, she comes to the realization that all she really needs to be happy in life is Leonard.

The couple have an awkward, yet hilarious encounter when deciding to get engaged, but Leonard makes it much more romantic by opening up in wallet and pulling out an engagement ring.

“Oh my God. Where did you get ring?” Penny asks him. “I’ve had it for a couple of years,” he tells her, and the couple kiss and are finally officially engaged!

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Meanwhile, Raj and Sheldon run into Emily at the movies and she’s on a date with another guy, which hurts Raj’s feelings.

Sheldon tells him that he’s problem is he doesn’t know how to be alone. He goes home feeling sorry for himself, and when Emily comes to his apartment she explains her date. The pair get flirty, and then get intimate.

All this is happening after Howard’s mother is hurt, and will be off her feet for 6 weeks. Howards wants to get a nurse, but Bernadette insists that they take care of her.

However, they didn’t realize what a big responsibility it would be, and compare it to having a child together.

Finally after a big fight, the pair decide to get a nurse to take care of Howard’s needy mother.

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