‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout’s boyfriend is moving to Tennessee with her

teen mom maci bookout boyfriend taylr mckinney moving to tennessee
teen mom maci bookout boyfriend taylr mckinney moving to tennessee

Teen Mom” Maci Bookout’s boyfriend Taylor McKinney is officially moving to Tennessee to be with his girlfriend.

‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout’s boyfriend moving to Tennessee

Taylor, who hails from Texas, obviously got tired of the long distance relationship issues between he and Maci, and decided to move across the country to be with his love. (So sweet!)

Why Maci couldn’t move

Of course, if the two wanted to be together for the long run one of them was going to have to make the move, and since Maci Bookout has a son, whose father Ryan Edwards, lives in Tennessee, it seems Taylor had no choice but to come to the “Teen Mom” star’s turf. Maci couldn’t take Bentley away from Ryan!

Original ‘Teen Mom’ stars returning to MTV?

Meanwhile, rumors are flying that the original “Teen Mom” stars, minus Farrah Abraham, are in talks to return for another season of the show on MTV, so fans could get a look at Taylor’s move, and his relationship with Maci!

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