‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans is officially divorced!

teen mom jenelle evans divorce
‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans divorce final. (Instagram)

Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans is finally divorced from Courtland Rogers. The couple have been separated for over a year.

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans officially divorced

The timing of the divorce couldn’t be better for Jenelle, who is currently 9 months pregnant with her second child, a son that she and boyfriend Nathan Griffith plan to name Kaiser.

Jenelle Evans divorce will likely lead to another marriage. The “Teen Mom”reveled that although she and Nathan aren’t engaged yet, they are planning to get married in the not so distant future, Us Weekly reports.

Jenelle Evans wedding in the future?

It seems Nathan could have been waiting for Jenelle’s divorce to be final before he put a ring on her finger. Now, there’s no stopping the couple. Evans’ lawyer, Dustin Sullivan, reveals that Jenelle Evans is happy to be moving on in her life, as it seems she’s focused on the future of her family.

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