‘Teen Mom’ dad Ryan Edwards takes huge relationship step

Teen Mom dad Ryan Edwards moves in with girlfriend.
Teen Mom dad Ryan Edwards moves in with girlfriend. (Instagram)

Teen Mom” dad Ryan Edwards has moved in with his girlfriend of one year, Shelby Woods.

‘Teen Mom’ dad Ryan Edwards moves in with girlfriend Shelby Woods

The couple decided to take the next step in their relationship just days after Ryan’s ex-girlfriend, and baby mama, Maci Bookout took the plunge with her longtime boyfriend, Taylor, as he moved from Texas to Tennessee to move in with his woman.

It seems now when Bentley is with either parent there will be two adults, both a male and a female, there for him to interact with.

Ryan says Shelby and Maci Bookout get along well

In fact, Ryan recently revealed that Shelby and Maci get along well. “They ain’t like best friends or anything, or hang out, but when we’re together, all of us are together, there’s no tension,” he said during the MTV ‘Teen Dad’ special. “They get along good, it makes it easier for me, too.”

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