‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska wants to be a on a dating show

teen mom chelsea houska dating show
teen mom chelsea houska dating show

Teen Mom” Chelsea Houska wants her own reality dating show. (Can MTV please make this happen?) Who wouldn’t want to see Aubree’s mama find love?

‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska wants her own dating show

The single mom from South Dakota has had a lot of trouble in the dating department, and we cannot figure out why. She’s adorable, and so gorgeous, but seems to be still hung up on her ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind, whom she’s admitted to still hooking up with.

Chelsea Houska, who’s obsessed with watching “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” (Who isn’t?!) deciding while watching Andi Dorfman on Monday night that she needs her own dating show as well.

We want to see Chelsea find love

“I decided that I need a dating show,” the “Teen Mom” tweeted. While Houska is already a reality TV star, she’d be comfortable around the cameras, and who knows, maybe she’d find the love of her life if she appeared on a dating show. We know we’d totally watch it!

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