‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood forced to leave restaurant due to haters

teen mom amber portwood
teen mom amber portwood

Teen Mom” Amber Portwood hasn’t had it easy since being released from prison last year, but the MTV star has been working hard to get her life in order.

‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood forced to leave restaurant due to haters

However, sometimes there are set backs like recently when Amber was at a local restaurant, and revealed that she was forced to leave due to a very rude member of the wait staff.

“It’s kind of terrible when you have to leave Applebee’s because one of the waiters are glaring at me with the dirtiest look…sad,” the “Teen Mom” tweeted.

Amber speaks out on Twitter

Amber Portwood went on to say the encounter made her feel “very awkward,” and that the friends with her noticed the hater glaring.

“I don’t mind if people look at me…I love my supporters but people glaring and mean mugging really bothers me..I’m okay,” Amber told her Twitter followers.

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