Taylor Swift and Katy Perry feuding over Harry Styles

Taylor Swift could sue Kim Kardashian and Kanye West for Snapchat videos.

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are feuding continuously over One Direction singer Harry Styles. Reports reveal that the Twitter digs at each other over the pop idol has gone from nasty girl fight to full blown celebrity war.

Harry Styles the object of girl fight between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry

Recently, Taylor Swift confessed in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine that her single Bad Blood was a very personal song about someone who had attempted to sabotage her career and life.

Coincidentally that same day that Katy Perry took to Twitter and made a snide and directed slam about “Regina George” from the movie “Mean Girls” starring Lindsay Lohan leading everyone to believe that she was taking am on Taylor Swift, girl fight on!

New celebrity reports are now revealing that there is much, much more to this than just a girl fight over celebrity egos. It is now about a boy and not just any boy, but One Direction’s resident girl magnet Harry Styles.

Who will write the next “Mean Girl” song, Taylor or Katy, or will Harry Styles use this to his advantage?

Taylor Swift previously dated Harry Styles, we are sure you remember the song “I Knew You Were Trouble.” hey were quite an item for a while, so now why would Katy Perry suddenly decide Harry Styles was the guy for her following all the other heated issues between herself an Swift.

Tabloid mags recently reported htat Katy Perry was spotted out on a romantic dinner date with 1D’s Harry Styles and that they were getting very cozy with each other.

What about the girl code? Taylor Swift is not ticked and believes that Kay Perry is deliberately just trying to get under her skin again, claiming that Katy comes across as all goody and nice,when in fact it is Katy Perry tat may be more Regina George than Taylor Swift, or even Regina George could ever be.

Sounds as if Harry Styles is the one reaping all the rewards from this latest celebrity feud/war between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, do we detect a song-off in the future between these two, better stand back Harry this could get messy.



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