Taylor Swift and John Mayer dating again?

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Taylor Swift john mayer dating again
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Taylor Swift and John Mayer are rumored to be dating again after Mayer’s recent split with Katy Perry, but are the couple really back together?

Taylor Swift and John Mayer back together?

Taylor and John had a brief fling in the past, which didn’t end well for Swift, who later penned the ballad “Dear John,” about her disgust about how Mayer treated her.

Now new gossip is swirling that Taylor Swift and John Mayer may actually be back together, and dating, but we’re not so sure about this one.

Is Taylor Swift a hypocrite where Selena Gomez is concerned?

If Taylor did take John back after he seemingly hurt her so bad, wouldn’t that make her a hypocrite for lecturing former best friend, Selena Gomez, about her bad boy boyfriend, Justin Bieber?

We’re just saying, if Taylor Swift’s ready to take John Mayer back, shouldn’t she stop dolling out relationship advice to Selena?

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