Taylor Swift accused of scaring men away

Taylor Swift could sue Kim Kardashian and Kanye West for Snapchat videos.

Taylor Swift to intimidating for most men?

Taylor Swift has yet to me her Mr. Right,and it is not for lack of trying either.

Those on the Taylor Swift business team have revealed that they are constantly trying to set her up on dates, and it is tiring.

Sources state that Taylor Swift has a “strange” personality that scares men away, and that they are urging Swift to take a break from dating, mainly because they feel right now she is a man repeller..

“Taylor’s advisers are tired of setting her up on dates only to have her strange personality scare men away.

“Taylor is almost impossible to find dates for because of the nature of her music, which focuses heavily on heartbreak and ex-boyfriends. None of the guys she shows interest in want to be the subject of a mean song six months down the road or be painted the bad guy, so Taylor’s team want her to take a break from boys.

“Taylor’s team hope she will focus on building some strong female friendships and use that as an inspiration for the next phase of her career,” the source said.

Swift advised to work on relationship skills

This may not be quite as easy for TSwift either, who as recently reported cut off her ties to former bestie Selena Gomez, since her reconciliation with bad boy pop idol Justin Bieber.

Taylor Swift’s strong opinions and personality traits make it hard for her to not voice her opinion on all things relationship wise whether it is in conversation, or song.

Swift’s list of song material and ex-ex include Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, Harry Styles, Conor Kennedy, John Mayer, and Jake Gyllenhaal.
Do you think Taylor Swift needs to take a break from dating, or will she find her Mr. Right soon enough?

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