Tara Reid fall down drunk following Halloween party in Los Angeles

Tara Reid was reportedly fall down drunk this past Friday after attending a Halloween costume party in Los Angles landing on the sidewalk despite being escorted out by one of her gal pals.

Does it come as a huge surprise that “Sharknado” actress Tara Reid, 38, was photographed stumbling out of a Halloween party hosted by Treats magazine coming really close to popping out of her dress has she fell to the ground.

This unsteady trip to the car came just hours after Tara Reid posted a Instagram photo of herself in a pair of panties grabbing a lot of flack about her scary skinny figure. Reid took the photo down pretty quick, and added a photo of her wearing her costume flapper dress and some very tall stiletto heels.

The “American Pie” actress fell to one knee hanging o to her fur coat despite using her female friend as a crutch, Reid was described as red eyed- disheveled with her hair a mess and makeup smeared sloppily on her face.

Quickly after the fall her female companion helped Tara Reid up off of the ground and safely to her car. Falling on the round and being criticized for her weight and hard partying ways is nothing new for Reid who’s family, friends and fans have all stated they have been concerned over Tara’s weight for years, worried that she is anorexic.

Reid’s party girl ways have not interrupted her movie career, the blonde beauty has starred in two “Sharknado” films, and will be filming a third next year, and reportedly currently filming the comedy “Tie the Knot.”

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