Steve Perry former Journey frontman returns to stage

Steve Perry performs Journey classics in St.Paul

Steve Perry the former lead singer fro the classic rock band Journey made his return to the stage on Sunday night for the first since the 90s.

Joining rockers Eels, Steve Perry, 65, belted out Journey classics that included “Open Arms,””Lovin, Touchin,’ Squeezin,'”bringing fans to their feet with perfect vocals of the old time classics in Minnesota.

Steve Perry performed with the rockers at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul.

Journey former frontman takes the stage for the first time since the 90s

Perry is best known as the lead vocals from the iconic rock band Journey before leaving the band the first time in 1986, returning ten years late for a brief return.

There has been recent rumor circulating that Steve Perry and his former band members from Journey are discussing reuniting once again for a possible comeback tour extravaganza.

The Journey reuniting with Steve Perry rumors have been since debunked by guitarist Neal Schon who stated,

“I think when Steve mentioned that, when somebody put him on the spot and asked him, we had been [communicating] with email, just saying, ‘Hello, I hope you’re well,’ all that. “He opened the door and shut the door. It wasn’t anybody but him that created all that media for a second, and so we do want to reassure the fans that no, [current frontman] Arnel [Pineda] has not gone anywhere. He’s still right here with us.”

Could this be a new beginning for the longtime singing legend with or without Journey would you like to see Steve Perry back on stage again full time?

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