Stephen King’s ‘Mr. Mercedes’ release news

Mr. Mercedes the new Stephen King horror novel hits stores on June 3
Mr. Mercedes the new Stephen King horror novel hits stores on June 3
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Stephen King fans are anxiously awaiting the release of the new thriller Mr. Mercedes from horror master which is set for release on June 3.

The new page turner will be making its arrival just in time to be added to horror readers must read list for summer 2014.

The thriller Mr. Mercedes is the story of an ex-cop and his drive to capture a sociopath who is plotting to murder thousands and his quest to stop him.

King describes his latest masterpiece as his first hard-boiled detective book.

Stephen King is best known as the popular iconic multi-award winning horror author, selling more than 350 million copies.

From 1973, when Stephen King’s first novel Carrie was published to date King has written close to 100 successful and horrifying novels that have kept fans on the edge of their set as for four decades.

Stephen King,66, is currently working on the  upcoming Under the Dome  Season 2 TV series, and reveals he is already  halfway through writing his next novel, Revival.

Kinng and his wife author Tabitha King reside in Maine and have three grown children, Naomi, Joe and Owen, and four grandchildren

Read an excerpt from Stephen King’s Mr.Mercedes here.

What is your favorite Stephen King novel?

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