‘Step by Step’ reunion or reboot could happen

step by step tv show reunion reboot spin off
step by step tv show reunion reboot spin off

“Step by Step” was totally the “Brady Bunch” of the 90’s, and star Patrick Duffy, who played loving dad and step-dad, Frank Lambert, says a reunion or reboot is very possible.

‘Step by Step’ reunion or reboot in the future?

“Boy Meets World” is back with a spin-off series, “Girl Meets World,” the “Full  House” cast is in talks for a reboot series, so why not “Step by Step?”

Duffy says the cast is still very close, especially he and his on-screen wife, Suzanne Sommers.

Patrick Duffy says a reunion is totally possible

So, is a reunion or reboot possible? Of course, Patrick Duffy says! “We all were a very close and loving family off-camera, and if the idea and the script was correct, I’m sure (speaking for myself and Suzanne because we’ve discussed it) we would be more than happy to resurrect the Lambert family,” he said of reunion hopes.

But what about a reboot? “We as a cast get approached about the possibility,” he said. “Suzanne and I would love the opportunity to work together again. If scripts and circumstances were appropriate, I’m sure something would happen,” he revealed.

This is awesome or what? 90’s kids across the nation are in hopes that they’ll be seeing their favorite “Boy Meets World,” “Full House,” and “Step by Step” stars back on TV in the near future. It’s like we’re kids again, right?

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