Solange Knowles attacks Beyonce’s husband Jay Z in violent fight

Celebrity family fight breaks out Solange Knowles takes on Jay Z

Solange Knowles and sister Beyonce’s husband Jay Z were reportedly involved in a nasty physical altercation that was caught on tape.

Beyonce, Jay Z and Solange Knowles were filmed leaving a Met Gala after party last week when an ugly family fight between Knowles and Jay Z became physical in the elevator.

Solange was caught on surveillance video footage that appears to reveal some major argument went down between Solange and Jay Z, with Solange throwing punches at the rapper while Beyonce mostly stood back and watched.

The video reveals Solange Knowles ,27, screaming at Jay Z, just before coming out swinging and kicking while a security guard tries to hold her at bay.

Beyonce forced to choose between sister Solange Knowles and husband Jay Z?

Beyoncé, 32, did at one point attempt to step in 44,between her husband and sister.

It is not clear just what happened before Solange Knowles attacked Jay Z, but it has speculated that Solange has allegedly been using drugs again, and went off on her brother-in- law over recent cheating accusations.

It is quite clear in the video though that Jay Z’s security attempted to keep this family brawl out of the press, and shows the bodyguard hitting the emergency stop button on the 12th floor, during the fight.
Moments later all three walked quietly out of the building together — with Solange looking very angry while guards ushered her and Beyonce off into a car, while Jay Z was put in a separate one.

Solange Knowles, Beyonce, nor Jay Z’s reps have yet commented on this matter, but we are sure it is not the last fans will here on this matter.

Stayed tuned, story developing…

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