Seth Rogen really can’t stand Justin Bieber

Seth Rogen not a fan of pop idol Justin Bieber

Seth Rogen has made it more than clear he is not a fan of pop star Justin Bieber, in fact he can’t stand him at all.

The Neighbors star, Seth Rogen, talked with Howard Stern on XM Radio Monday and talked with the host about about meeting up with Justin Bieber.

“I’ve met him a few times. He’s a good example of someone who you meet who you think you are going to hate and then you get to hate him as much as you [thought]…You meet him and he lives up to every one of your expectations of how you hope he’ll be.”

Seth Rogen not a Belieber

Rogen and Justin Bieber ran into each other again sometime later during the MTV Awards.

“He literally had a snake wrapped around his f–king wrist that he was wearing, like a live snake as an accouterment. I was like ‘What the f–k?’ I talked to him for like five minutes. I just remember thinking, ‘F–k this kid.’ I remember thinking, ‘He’s a piece of s**t. He seems like he’s obnoxious and ungrateful, insincere, and he puts people’s lives at danger and overall he acts like a piece of s**t.”

So, is it safe to assume that Justin Bieber will not be doing any cameos in any upcoming Seth Rogen films?

Justin Bieber love him, hate him, or could just care less either way?

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