Selena Gomez scared straight at Coachella, ditches Justin and Jenners

selena gomez intervention
selena gomez intervention

Selena Gomez makes big changes following Coachella

Selena Gomez has decided give her life and friends list a bit of a spring cleaning these days.

Just a couple of days after Coachella news and photos revealed that Selena was partying and having a great time with Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and Justin just like that it was over.

Fans noticed that Selena ditched the Coachella pictures on her Instagram account and began cleaning house unfollowing everyone.

Reports today reveal that Selena is getting rid of her past pals because she believes them to be toxic to her life.

That, and she just really wants to focus on her music without distractions.

Gomez scared straight, what happened at Coachella?

TMZ reveals that sources close to Selena Gomez claim that something obviously went down at Coachella, something that set Selena Gomez running in the opposite direction than her party friends.

Also Selena is bound and determined to stay on the straight and narrow and has been attending church on a daily basis.

Must have been a wild weekend, one that scared Selena Gomez straight for now.But how long do you think it will be before Justin Bieber gets his hooks back into Selena and draws her back in?

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