Selena Gomez drug addiction and rehab talk resurfaces

Selena Gomez drug addiction and rehab concerns resurface
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Gomez straying down the wrong path again?

Selena Gomez drug addiction and rehab talk resurfaces following a wild weekend partying with Cara Delevinge at a Katy Perry concert.

It is more than obvious that Selena Gomez is feeling conflicted in her young life these days, to Justin, or not to Justin, to party, or not to party these are some big questions weighing in on Selena’s mind.

Just four months ago Selena Gomez checked in to rehab for a short stay, one that most likely did not cure what ever it was that is really ailing the young “Spring Breakers” star.

Selena Gomez fans concerned about recent behavior

Look as if Selena may be heading down the wrong path again, after many fights with her family, and some of her closest friends, it appears she may be gravitating towards the wrong crowd of influences again.
Selena Gomez recently posted a selfie on Instagram with party girl Cara Delevinge and everyone knows this can not be a good role model for Selena to pattern her life after.

Some Gomez fans are pretty concerned that Selena is heading for a rapid crash and burn if someone does not step in and throw an intervention her way as soon as possible.

It has even been suggested that Selena Gomez get in touch with her former bestie, and good girl Taylor Swift, before Selena gets in way over her head.

If she thought the Jenner sisters were bad news then she is in for a rude awakening with her new friend because this is serious partying waiting to happen.

What do you predict the future will hold for Selena Gomez at this pace?

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