‘Scandal’ star Columbus Short doing comedy after being fired

'Scandal' actor Columbus Short arrested again.
columbus short doing comedy after fired from scandal
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Harrison lives! “Scandal” star Columbus Short may have been fired from the hit Shondra Rimes show, but he’s not out of the game completely. The actor is now doing comedy.

Columbus Short doing comedy after being fired from ‘Scandal’

According to TMZ, Short isn’t moping around about his firing, but instead trying to get his career back on track, and he’s doing this by developing a comedy routine and hitting the comedy club circuit.

It seems Columbus Short’s personal scandal isn’t holding him back, and that he’s actually quite funny.

How will Harrison Wright be written off ‘Scandal?’

However, there is nothing funny about why Columbus was fired from “Scandal.” The actor was arrested for assaulting his wife, and let go from the hugely popular show, which stars Kerry Washington as political genius Olivia Pope.

In the season 3 finale of “Scandal” fans see Columbus Short’s character Harrison Wright being held at gunpoint by Rowan at the B-613 headquarters, but does Harrison die, or is there another reason for his exit? Only time will tell.

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