‘Scandal’ Season 4, Episode 4 Recap: Like Father, Like Daughter

Scandal season 4, episode 4 -- Like father, like daughter.
Scandal season 4, episode 4 -- Like father, like daughter.
Scandal season 4, episode 4 — Like father, like daughter. (ABC)

Scandal” season 4 keeps getting crazier. In episode 4, titled “Like Father, Like Daughter Rowan gives orders for Jake to be killed, but it’s not as easy as it looks. Jake is on to his former B-613 boss, and won’t go down without a fight.

‘Scandal’ Season 4, Episode 4 — ‘Like Father Like Daughter’

Meanwhile, Olivia Pope has her hands full with The President’s daughter, Karen Grant, who calls Liv after a night of partying, drinking, and doing drugs.

Liv and Quinn come to her rescue and think they’re out of the woods when Karen is sent a racy sex tape of herself with two boys, and OPA, or what’s left of it, scrambles to do damage control.

Upon Olivia giving Fitz and update on the situation with Karen, Fitz finally asks her the million dollar question, “Where did you go?” Liv tells him she needed time to recover, and apologizes for her mother ruining their families, and their relationship.

Later, Mellie sees Liv at the White House and freaks out. She wants to know what her husband’s former mistress is doing there, and Fitz is forced to tell his wife that Karen was in trouble. However, Mellie is furious, and demands that Liv leaves The White House and that she take over control of the situation.

Quinn finds the boys that star in the sex tape with Karen, and Liv calls in the parents. One boy’s parents, Tripp, decide to ask for money in exchange for the video, and ask for $2.5 million, which makes Fitz furious.

Fitz finally agrees to pay the money, but only after finding out that Liv went out of the country with Jake, and is devastated.

However, when Tripp’s parents decide they want more money, Olivia goes crazy on them, tells them the deal is off, and threatens to destroy them in the media and plant evidence against them to ruin them. After scaring them half to death, they sign papers revealing they won’t release the tape.

‘Scandal’ Recap: Oct. 16, 2014

Finally, Mellie goes to talk to her daughter, and tells her that she believes Karen is acting out because of Jerry’s death, and can easily understand her grief, but warns her daughter not to screw up again.

Meanwhile, Fitz wants the secret service investigated after Karen’s incident, and finds out that Tom, the agent working for Rowan and killed Jerry, has some “red flags.”

Tom calls Jake and tells him he needs to leave town before his questioning by the White House, but Jake convinces him to tell the truth, and bring down Rowan with him. He agrees.

However, Rowan walks in and takes over the questioning, leading Tom to say that Jake Ballard ordered him to kill Jerry.

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