Scandal Season 4, Episode 3 Recap – ‘Inside The Bubble’

Scandal season 4, episode 3 recap.
Scandal season 4, episode 3 recap.
Scandal season 4, episode 3 recap. (ABC)

Scandal was back for episode 3 on Thursday, and it started off with Lizzie getting chewed out about David Rosen being elected Attorney General, but insists she has it covered.

Scandal Season 4, Episode 3 — ‘Inside The Bubble’

Cyrus gets an unexpected visit from Michael, the prostitute he recently slept with, but insists that he’s only meeting friends at a restaurant, and tells Cyrus that he uses his illegal money to pay tuition.

Abby is watching the news which is going crazy with a “killer cliff bride,” video, which intrigues Mellie, who is still lounging around in mourning after Jerry’s death.

Olivia goes to visit her father, who thinks her visit is suspicious. He offers to make her breakfast, but she pulls away. He tells her that re-entry into the world after her island getaway will be hard, because she’s different now. Later, he invites she and Jake over for dinner. However, Jake refuses to go to dinner with “Command,” and finds Charlie, whom was once part of B-613.

Abby calls Liv because she got a call from a former client after her daughter didn’t come home. Olivia is on the case, and immediately heads to her friend, Katherine’s house. Liv promises that she’ll find her friend’s daughter.

Later, Mellie is still obsessing over the killer cliff bride case, and declines to go to the cemetery with Fitz for the first time since Jerry’s death.

Meanwhile, OPA are on the case trying to find Katherine’s daughter, Kaitlyn. The gang check with Kaitlyn’s friends and think her “bestie” is covering for her.

Liv and Katherine reminisce and then get the good news that Kaitlyn is holed up in a hotel. Katherine rushes to her daughter at the hotel.

Jake has Charlie captured, and ready to cut in to, as he may have reverted back to his B-613 mind frame, and trying to get answers, but Charlie doesn’t seems scared. Jake then calls Quinn who asks her to meet with Charlie, and she’s furious when she locks him in a room with her ex-boyfriend.

Charlie flirts with Quinn, who is furious, and tells him that she does not want him back. Charlie tells Quinn that he’s the only person who actually “wants” her.

Charlie tells Quinn that he’s very lonely and has nothing to fill the holes in his life. She assures Charlie that she’s not like him, and that she’s not lonely because she has people like Liv, Huck, Abby, and Jake in her life. But the two give in to the moment and begin kissing before Jake opens the door and interrupts them.

Mellie tells Abby that she wants to go to Yosemite to learn all she can about the killer cliff bride investigation, as she believes the bride is innocent, but decides to have the experts flown to her instead. Abby is worried, but Cyrus tells her to let it go and let Mellie be.

Mellie gets all the main players in the case and makes a presentation about why the killer cliff bride is innocent. When Fitz enters the meeting he’s confused about what’s going on. Just then, Mellie learns that 2 eye witnesses came forward to clear the bride’s name, and Mellie is upset that she no longer has a purpose, and Abby whisks her away.

Later, Fitz invites Abby to the Oval Office for a drink, and thanks her for all her hard work at the White House, and for helping with Mellie. Then he asks her about how Liv has been doing.

Cyrus scoots Abby out of his office to take a phone call from Michael, who compliments the Chief of Staff, making him feel good.

Abby then goes to Fitz to express her concerns about Mellie’s new obsession, and the President tells her to give her whatever it is that she wants. Abby is then replaced by David, who takes heat from Fitz over losing the gun control issue, and is under a lot of pressure.

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Later, Olivia is awakened by Huck, who has found a video of Kaitlyn’s mother, Katherine, in bed with her daughter’s teenage boyfriend. Liv learns that Kaitlyn was threatening to tell her father about the affair and calls the hotel, but isn’t allowed to be put through as the police are there. It’s then revealed that Kaitlyn has been shot and killed as Katherine tearfully identifies her daughter’s body. When they’re alone, Liv confronts her former friend about the murder.

Katherine claims he has nothing to do with her daughter’s death, and asks her to destroy the sex tape. Just then Katherine’s husband comes in.

Later, Abby comes to Liv’s apartment freaked out when she hears about Kaitlyn, but Olivia won’t tell her anything. Abby gets upset and storms off.

Olivia then goes to see Jake, and he won’t let her in his hotel room because “he’s working,” and tells her that he doesn’t have to let her in because she’s not his girlfriend, and that’s because she’s in love with another man…Fitz.

Olivia meets with Katherine again, and she continues to claim that she didn’t kill her daughter, although she admits her affair and other mistakes. Liv then tries to figure out who may have killed Kaitlyn.

Just then, Quinn comes back to the office and is furious when neither Liv or Huck have realized that she’s been gone for an entire day, and claims that she’s held the office together, and that neglect is why Harrison died.

Meanwhile, David Rosen goes all Olivia Pope over the judge presiding over the gun control case and finds info to blackmail him, leading him to side with David and Fitz.

At the end of the day Liv calls Jake and makes amends, Huck tells Quinn that he’ll look for her the next time she goes off the radar, Mellie goes back into her funk, David learns that the judge in his case killed himself after the ruling. Finally Liv and Jake have dinner with her father, and try to make nice, but Jake confronts him about murdering Jerry and killing Harrison. Jake tells Liv’s dad that he needs to leave D.C. and B-613, or that he’ll out him to Liv.

Liv has to leave when Huck has found another video of Kaitlyn struggling with a man in an elevator over a folder. Meanwhile, Katherine is arrested for murdering her daughter.

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