Ryan Gosling gets a makeover from girlfriend Eva Mendes

ryan gosling breakup with eva mendes?

Gosling gets a new look

Ryan Gosling has a new look ladies and it is all thanks to his girlfriend Eva Mendes.

Mendes, 44, has decided that boyfriend Ryan Gosling needs a makeover and has taken on the job of changing up Ryan’s wardrobe, making him look a little trendier according to reports.

Sources close to Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes stated,

“Ryan has always done his own fashion and avoided working with a stylist, which has led to some odd clothing choices over the years, but now Eva is doing all of Ryan’s shopping for him and she’s trying to overhaul part of his look — specifically his accessories.

Eva Mendes makes Ryan Gosling look even better?

“Eva feels she can make him look a lot better and hopes to change his style little by little.”

Ryan Gosling, 33, the Crazy, Stupid, Love, star was spotted out last year wearing a celebrity tee of Macaulay Culkin when he starred in the hit comedy Home Alone.

To carry on with the weird tribute, Macaulay Culkin, 33, was spotted out last week wearing a T-shirt donning a photo of Ryan Gosling wearing the Culkin tee.

Though Ryan Gosling looks pretty darn good in just about anything,from these photos can you kind of see why Ryan Gosling’s girl wants to have a say in what he is wearing?

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