Roseanne weight: Barr reveals weight loss tips

Roseanne weight drop stuns fans
Roseanne weight drop stuns fans
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Roseanne weight change is a popular topic among celebrity news followers today.

The former comedy sitcom star revealed a drastic weightloss makeover when she appeared at a Last Comic Standing event in Los Angeles on Tuesday, April 8.

Mouths dropped open in awe as spectators immediately noticed the Roseanne weight change, which revealed a slimmer and trimmer Roseanne.

At age 61 Roseanne’s weight seems to be at an all time low since the comedian started her long running career. Dressed to accentuate her new thinner frame Roseanne shared her weight loss secrets to interested parties.

“Crack!! I’m doing crack,” she joked to Us Weekly on how she’s lost the weight. “I’m just doing the things you’re supposed to do…you know, moving more, and eating less.”

Later Roseanne also took to Twitter to thank all of her supporters and fans posting: . “Hey, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR ALL OF THE NICE WORDS ABOUT MY WEIGHT LOSS!” she gushed via Twitter. “I’m inspired 2 keep going!”

Roseanne Barr is not the only former Roseanne comedy star to have debuted a drastic weight loss, John Goodman, who played Barr’s on camera husband Dan Conner also shed a large amount of weight since the show’s finale back in 1997.

Tom Arnold who was Roseanne’s co-star and real life husband for a while just recently revealed his miraculous 100-pound weight loss also.

Roseanne Barr has expressed her interest in returning to sitcom television at some point in the future should the right project present itself.

Roseanne’s latest appearances n television have included back in 2013’s Portlandia, The Office and in 2014 Roseanne appeared on The Millers as Darla Dascal in the episode “Walk-N-Wave.”

What do you think about Roseanne’s weight loss, and would you like to see her return to television?

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