Rihanna setting her sights on Beyonce’s man Jay-Z?

rihanna and drake break up
Rihanna reportedly interested romantically in Beyonce's husband Jay Z
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RiRi a threat to Beyonce?

Rihanna and Jay Z have been spending some time together lately, and Beyonce is not happy about the new relationship according to celebrity media sites.

The celebrity rumor mill claims that Beyonce is getting upset that Rihanna and Jay-Z are growing closer in their friendship.

But, sources close to Beyonce reveal that she would never admit it to the public that she was in any way, shape, or form jealous.

Beyonce would not be human if she did not worry just a tad about her famous hubby working so closely with the young and beautiful Rihanna.

As perfect a couple as Bey and Jay like to appear in public, they are human and stranger things have happened.

Rumors do however bring up the Jay Z and Rita Ora rumored affair despite the fact that Rita slammed all accusations calling the rumors completely disrespectful to Beyonce.

Could Jay-Z have a wondering eye for Rihanna?

Jay-Z has now signed Rihanna onto his Roc Nation label after she dumped Def Jam. So it is only understandable that the two will be working closely together.

RiRi has admitted that she and Jay-Z have always shared a very close relationship, and rumors claim that Rihanna is very interested in Jay-Z and always has been, plus the sources claim that Rihanna and Beyonce do not get along at all.

As, previously reported Beyonce and Jay-Z have announced that they will be embarking on a small duo summer tour, is this Bey’s way of keeping tabs on Jay?

Do you think that Rihanna is really interested in taking Jay-Z from Beyonce, and do you really believe RiRi could steal him?

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