‘Revenge’ Season 4, Episode 3 Recap – David Tries To Kill Emily

Revenge season 4, episode 3 recap: 'Ashes.'
Revenge season 4, episode 3 recap: 'Ashes.'
Revenge season 4, episode 3 recap: ‘Ashes.’ (ABC)

Revenge” fans got a shock when they watched Charlotte knock out her new found sister, Emily aka Amanda Clarke, in Jack’s bar, and the set the place on fire, trying to kill her own blood.

‘Revenge’ Season 4, Episode 3 — ‘Ashes’

In “Revenge” season 4, episode 3 titled “Ashes,” Jack rushes to save Emily from the fire, and is successful. Charlotte watches her sister, whom she hates, come out alive with revenge in her eyes.

Later, Emily covers for Charlotte and lies about her sister being inside, or having any involvement with the fire.

The next day, Nolan comes to Emily’s home at the former Grayson Manor with some balloons, and some big news about Victoria’s official return to society.

Meanwhile, Jack finds out that Charlotte is the one who set the fire in the bar his family’s owned for decades, and that she intentionally left Emily inside. After some thinking, Jack decides that he may not want to re-open the Stow Away after all.

Emily heads to the bar to see Jack and asks her why Charlotte was there and wants to know what happened between the sisters. Emily tells him the truth, and says she’s going to handle Charlotte on her own.

Emily tracks Charlotte’s cell phone, and plans to head to her hideaway to find her, not knowing that Charlotte’s with Victoria, and her father, whom she believes is dead.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Margo make love, and are seemingly giddy with their new romance. Margo tells him that things are hectic at work now that Gideon is going to jail. Daniel tells her he’s now inspired to make his own career on Wall Street as he gets a call from Charlotte.

Daniel realizes that getting a job is going to be harder than he thought, as a friend in the business tells him that nobody wants to hire him because of his last name.

Margo offers to pull some strings to help Daniel land a job, but he doesn’t want her to damage her reputation.

When Daniel returns to his hotel suite he’s been evicted, and has nowhere to go. He heads to the bar to drink away his troubles and meets Louise, who asks him for advice about finances.

‘Revenge’ Recap: Oct. 12, 2014

All the while, David Clarke and Victoria Grayson are still traveling together, and they find a place to hide out as Victoria devises a master plan, but David is eager to protect his love from Emily Thorne, who he doesn’t know is actually his daughter, Amanda Clarke. The couple then make love after decades of being apart.

Victoria goes to see Daniel after finding out that all of her bank accounts and money have been frozen. He laughs at her, telling his mother that the Grayson’s have no money left after Conrad’s arrest and death, and that Charlotte is spiraling out of control.

Later, Louise finds Victoria, and tells her that she was released from the mental institution, and that she has nowhere to go. Victoria tells Louise that she cannot help her, but her old friend isn’t buying it.

Victoria then goes to see Charlotte, who is clearly in distress. Charlotte tells her mother that Emily is Amanda Clarke, and that she tried to kill her. Victoria then tells Charlotte that David Clarke is alive, and that she’s going to come live with them.

The two go to meet with David, and Victoria tells her daughter that she cannot tell him that Amanda is really alive. Charlotte then meets her real father for the first time, and they have an emotional reunion.

Charlotte falls asleep and Emily shows up. Victoria pulls a gun on Emily, but she pleads to talk with her sister. Victoria tells Emily to “buckle up,” because she owes her a lot of payback. Emily is frustrated because she can’t figure out what Victoria is up to, and knows that she’s missing part of her picture.

Victoria then tells David that Emily was at their hide out, and that they need to move locations after she finds some money. David then leaves, likely to go after Emily.

Victoria heads to Margo’s house to explore her last chance at getting money. Victoria sweet talks Margo into giving her money.

David sneaks on to the property at Grayson Manor to go after Emily, but Nolan catches him on the security cameras. David gets into Emily’s bedroom while she’s sleeping and sees her face. Just then Nolan comes in and fires a gun, missing David.

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