‘Revenge’ Season 4, Episode 2 Recap – ‘Disclosure’

Revenge season 4 episode 2 recap -- Disclosure
Revenge season 4 episode 2 recap -- Disclosure
Revenge season 4 episode 2 recap — Disclosure. (ABC/Colleen Hayes)

Revenge” picked up this week right were the season 4 premiere left off after Victoria returned to the Hamptons, and David Clarke drugged and kidnapped her.

‘Revenge’ Season 4, Episode 2 — David and Victoria are still in love

Victoria wakes up in the beach house to find that she really was taken by David Clarke, and can’t believe that he’s actually alive. Victoria touches David lovingly, but says he can’t go any further unless he knows the truth about her involvement in the framing, and his imprisonment. When she tells him that she participated in it all he snaps.

Flash to Victoria waking up for real this time. (Her first encounter with David was a dream.) and David is driving her somewhere. Victoria devises a plan, and when David opens the back door of the van, she kicks him in the face and tries to escape, but he hunts her down and captures her again.

When they arrive at the place David is taking Victoria, he pushes her through a wet and dirty location, where he locks her in a room forcefully.

David tells Victoria that he’s spent 20 years piecing together the conspiracy. Victoria tells him that Conrad made her go along with him because he threatened their children, and that David was always the love of her life. David tells Victoria that he still loves her, and always has.

David apologizes to Victoria, and tells her that he was stabbed, rushed to the infirmary, and then when he woke up he was out of prison, but refuses to tell her anything else for her own safety, and Charlottes safety. David then tells Victoria that he heard about Amanda dying, not realizing that she had switched identities with Emily Thorne.

David lets Victoria go, and they get a bite to eat. David tells her that someone moved into her house when he came looking for her. “A lot has changed,” she tells him, not revealing that Amanda is actually still alive. However, David makes a big confession, telling Victoria that he’s the one who killed Conrad, and that he did it for Victoria. Then, she finally warms up to her ex-lover.

David and Victoria head back to the Hamptons as he hopes to meet Charlotte. Victoria tells David that she was locked up by Emily Thorne and that her life is in shambles because of her. David offers to help get rid of Emily.

‘Revenge’ recap — Emily tells Charlotte the truth

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Emily is busy trying to find Victoria, and asks Nolan to help her, but he doesn’t want any part of it, but quickly realizes that Em wants Victoria dead and to “end this for good.”

Later, Jack and his partner are on patrol, and the conversation turns to Emily, but talk quickly ends after the see a speeder, and take off after him.

Later, Charlotte finds her boyfriend Gideon with another woman, and she overhears him saying that she’s a cash machine. Charlotte calls Daniel, who’s not surprised. He tells her that her landlord called, and that her rent is late. Charlotte reveals that she used the money to “party.”

Just then Daniel sees Emily and they have a heated exchange. Emily fishes for info on Victoria, but Daniel has none, which surprises her.

Meanwhile, Nolan works his magic and installs an amazing hidden camera as Emily calls to find out the whereabouts of Charlotte. When Nolan tells her they are right on top of each other, Em looks up to see Charlotte on the top of a building looking ominous.

Emily rushes to Charlotte’s aid, and tries to talk her out of jumping. Charlotte gets closer to the edge as Emily begs her to reconsider her decision. Just then Jack and his partner arrive to save the young woman.

Later, Jack takes Charlotte to Emily’s beach house, and persuades her to listen to what Emily has to say. Emily admits to Charlotte that she’s the one who kidnapped her, and apologizes, telling her it was for good reason. Emily then drops a huge bomb, and tells Charlotte that she’s really her sister, Amanda Clarke.

Charlotte is in shock, and has a lot of questions for her big sister. Emily tells her about her life in foster care and juvie, and that she wanted nothing but revenge after learning her father had died. Emily then gives Charlotte their father’s journals in hopes of her understanding why she did what she did. However, Charlotte calls out Emily for choosing revenge over their bond as sisters, and storms out.

Later, Emily opens up to Nolan about missing her father, and how much she loved him, and that she should have chosen Charlotte over revenge for a “dead man.” Nolan tells her that Charlotte will come around, and that she just needs some time, as Charlotte calls Emily.

Charlotte meets Emily at the bar, and gives her a letter she wrote to her sister. When Emily’s reading the letter, Charlotte hits her over the head, knocking her out. Charlotte then sets the bar on fire with Emily passed out inside. “Goodbye sis,” she tells her and leaves the bar. A man rushes to her aid, but Charlotte says there is no one left in the bar and walks away.

‘Revenge’: Oct. 5, 2014 — Margo and Daniel take Gideon out

Back at the magazine, Margo and Gideon go at it about who is more capable to run their family’s business, and Margo knows something must be done about her pesky little brother.

Gideon heads out to a lunch meeting, and encounters Daniel, who warns him to stay away from Charlotte. Gideon threatens Daniel with the blackmail photo, and he backs off.

As Gideon continues his meeting, a blonde woman makes a scene in front of his client, and then exposes his drug use, which Daniel’s friend from the press just happens to see, a situation obviously set up by Daniel.

Margo is furious when Gideon’s photo and drug scandal are all over the internet. Margo calls out Gideon for killing the redheaded girl, and Gideon threatens her life as well, claiming that she’s working with Daniel. Margo then calls and makes things right with the man her brother was meeting.

Margo takes Gideon to the airport to head off to London for a meeting, and while he’s there a drug dog hits on him, and police are forced to look through bag. They find drugs and arrest Gideon, which was Margo’s plan all along. Later, Margo visits Daniel, and the two have sex.

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