Pretty Little Liars recap: Season 5, Episode 6 – ‘Run, Ali, Run’

Pretty Little Liars recap: Season 5, Episode 6.
Pretty Little Liars recap: Season 5, Episode 6.
Pretty Little Liars recap: Season 5, Episode 6. (ABC Family)

Pretty Little Liars season 5, episode 6 titled “Run, Ali, Run,” was another drama filled episode.

Pretty Little Liars season 5, episode 6

This week the Alison considered leaving Rosewood again, but for good this time. However, A had other plans.

Pretty Little Liars recap: July 15, 2014

The gang is on the street looking at the aftermath of the explosion at Toby’s house, when they receive a text from A. They are shocked as they know Shawna’s dead, so who could be texting them? Toby runs off, and the house explodes more. Thankfully, no one is killed.

The girls believe that A never really went away, and that whoever it is knows that Aria killed Shawna.

Hanna runs into Caleb at the coffee shop. He tells her that there has to be a reason that A targeted Toby’s house for a reason and that the cops believe a gas leak was to blame for the explosion. Caleb also reveals that he doesn’t plan to stay in Rosewood long.

Aria worries that A will expose her to the police for killing Shawna as Ezra looks for a connection between Mrs. D. and the girl in Ali’s grave, Bethany Young, who was a patient at Radley.

Spencer heads home to pick up a book and runs into her father, who’s angry about his wife leaving him, and Spencer going with her. Mr. Hastings admits he lied about he and Melissa’s whereabouts, but insists he never killed anyone.

At lunch Ali gets a video of her mother being buried alive. “I buried your mom the same way I watched her burry you,” A texts her.

The girl try to figure out who A is, who is the same person who killed Mrs. D. Spencer defends that her dad didn’t do it, but Melissa is still a suspect. Ali wants to leave Rosewood for good this time, and the girls try to talk her out of it, telling her she still won’t be safe.

Spencer visits Radley, and her old friend Eddie. She asks him about Bethany, but he refuses to tell her anything.

Travis comes to Hanna’s house after she forgets about their date. She apologizes for her actions and he seems upset.

Ali makes plans to leave Rosewood, and Hanna says that she’ll help her try and escape A’s wrath.

Aria tells Ezra that they can’t go back to the way things were because of all his past lies. There’s a knock at the door and it’s the police officer heading the investigation. Aria hides.

The police officer tells Ezra that Shawna was found dead at a theater that his family owned, and that when Shawna was dead there was gun residue found on her sweatshirt, the same shirt she was wearing the night before when she shot Ezra in New York.

Emily asks Paige to give her the names of the people who are conspiring against Ali with Mona. Paige refuses to tell, and Paige tells her that Ali’s life is in danger.

Spencer arranges for her mom and dad to meet, and Mrs. Hastings isn’t happy about it.

Ali makes her escape plans, and Hanna helps her pack, and offers to drive her to the train station.

Ezra receives a drawing at his front door. The drawing is of Mrs. D. and is signed Bethany. Camera footage reveals Eddie from Radley left the photo at his door.

Emily gets upset when she finds out that Ali was planning to leave. Ali heads home to see her father, but he’s not there. She talks to him on the phone, and then plans to leave.

However, Ali isn’t alone in her house. She heads to her room to get a few things, including money, and fake I.D.’s and returns downstairs to a dark house. A is standing behind her and hits her hard. Ali and A struggle as Alison is being choked to death. Emily comes in and fights off A, who escapes. Emily tells Ali that she can’t leave after the attack.

Hanna visits Caleb and tells him that she wants Ali gone, as she never liked who she was when she was around her.

Ali gets a text from A telling her that if she leaves Rosewood she’ll be killed. She stays at Emily’s house because she’s scared. Emily stays up all night to make sure she’s safe.

Spencer finds out that she and her mom are moving back home, and that Mr. Hastings is moving out. Spencer asks her mom to give her dad another chance, but she says she’s already given her too many chances after years of lies.

Travis isn’t happy about Hanna’s lack of attention, and wonders if Caleb is to blame. Travis walks away from Hanna.

Aria goes to Radley in hopes of being a volunteer and getting information.

Emily and Ali stop by Alison’s house to get a few things when the police officer comes to ask her some questions about Shawna, and wants her and her dad to come to the police station. Just then Ali gets a text from A saying “Time for the caged bird to sing.”

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