‘Pretty Little Liars’ recap: Season 5, Episode 1 – ‘Escape from New York’

pretty little liars season 5 episode 1 recap
pretty little liars season 5 episode 1 recap
‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 5 premiere. (ABC Family)

Pretty Little Liars” was back for season 5, and the premiere was just as action packed as the season 4 finale.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 5, Episode 1 recap: ‘Escape from New York.’

In the episode titled “Escape from New York,” Alison is alive and well and word about her being alive is beginning to spread. Meanwhile, Ezra is clinging to life after being shot by A on the rooftop, and has to undergo emergency surgery. The girls’ photos are plastered all over the news, as they’re considered missing. Later, Ali asks Aria about her relationship with Fitz.

Ali wanders off from the hospital and is followed by “A.” The rest of the girls are quickly behind her, but “A” has his own entourage. Before anything serious can happen the cops come and everyone runs off.

Ali takes the girls to a theater where she and Ezra used to hang out, and they try to get some sleep. Ali sneaks off in the middle of the night to meet CeCe and Noel, who has given Ali a plane ticket and a passport, but she decides to give them to CeCe and let her leave town for good.

Later, Ali explains to Emily that CeCe has been on her side, helping her the entire time, as well as Shawna and Noel.

Meanwhile, back in Rosewood Mona is concocting a serious scheme and has called everyone who had beef with Ali to meet. This includes Lucas, Melissa, and Paige, among others, as she tries to rally them all to take Ali down before she can pick up where she left off – ruining their lives.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 5 premiere: ‘A’ is revealed, and killed!

Ali calls Shawna to check on Aria at the hospital and Aria drifts off to sleep. When she wakes up she finds out the Fitz is out of surgery, and finds Shawna sitting at his bedside. Ezra wakes up but needs medical attention.

Later, Aria gets to see Ezra, and he whispers to her the identity of “A,” and she’s shocked to find out it’s Shawna, who has run off to confront Ali and the girls at the theater.

Shawna, wielding a gun, tells them that she wants revenge for what happened to Jenna, as she’s in love with her. Before she can use the gun, Aria sneaks in and smacks the gun away from Shawna, and she falls off the stage.

Shawna is dead, and Aria has killed her in self defense. Spencer calls 911 and the girls quickly leave the scene of the crime.

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