Pretty Little Liars ‘Fatal Finale’ recap: ‘Taking This One To The Grave’

Pretty Little Liars Fatal Finale recap.
Pretty Little Liars Fatal Finale recap.
Pretty Little Liars Fatal Finale recap. (ABC Family)

It’s time for the Pretty Little Liars season finale. The “Fatal Finale” will bring death to Rosewood yet again, but who will be the one to die?

Pretty Little Liars ‘Fatal Finale’ recap

Will it be Mike, Mona, Melissa, Ezra, Caleb, Toby, Jenna, or one of the liars’ parents? Fans will likely be on the edge of their seats with anticipation.

In the Pretty Little Liars season finale, titled “Taking This One To The Grave,” Emily, Aria, Hanna, and Spencer feel like Allison could be “A,” and also be behind all the drama that’s occurred since she’s come back to Rosewood.

Who will die on the Pretty Little Liars season finale?

The Pretty Little Liars season finale will be full of excitement. Check back for the recap after the show, which airs on ABC Family at 8 p.m. on Tuesday night.

The episode starts off on Thanksgiving Day. Ezra, Aria, Hanna, and Emily are standing on the street crying. It seems there’s been a death. The girls get a text saying “It’s all your fault,” from “A.”

Six hours earlier Allison is seen taking a lie detector test at the police station, and Mona is in her bedroom when she has company. She finds that it’s Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily. They ask for Mona’s help, and explain that they don’t trust Ali anymore since she went to the police station.

Mona tells the girls that she’s afraid Allison will ruin her life again if she sides against her, and then apologizes for hurting them in the past.

Mona’s mother asks Hanna if Allison is tormenting her daughter again. Hanna tells her that everyone is afraid of Allison. Mona retreats to her room, dials her phone and tells someone to “send out a code A.”

Mona heads to The Brew after hours and finds Lucas, but no one else. Lucas tells her that Allison has convinced everyone that Mona is crazy. Mona tells Lucas that Allison has gone “sociopath.”

The next day Mona tells the girls that Allison is messing with them, and that she has been “A” all along. Mona says she’ll help the girls, but in secret. However, some of Ali’s group may be on to them.

Emily runs into Paige in the hallway, and the two feel a connection. Paige say she’s tired of talking and kissing Emily.

Mona sees Allison back at school, and realizes she’s spreading rumors about her…again.

Spencer looks at old photos when Toby shows up in his police officer uniform, as he’s set to graduate from the police academy that night. Spencer gives him an expensive pocket watch as a gift.

Later, Lucas shows up at the police station to apply for a high school program, but uses the opportunity to gather information from a police computer and send it to Mona.

Hanna, Caleb, and Paige join Emily to decorate her house for Christmas, although it’s only Thanksgiving. Hanna gets a call from Mona. Later, Mona shows the girls Ali’s lie detector test video.

In the video Ali tells police that Spencer was angry the night that she disappeared, but doesn’t reveal any damning information. Caleb helps and finds out that Ali has been cleared of Bethany Young’s murder, but Spencer is now the main suspect.

Spencer wants to go back to Radley, with the girls and Mona, to find out what in Bethany’s photo links Allison to Bethany.

Spencer and Mona dress as nurses to gain access as Caleb enters their computer system. Allison shows up at Emily’s house after receiving a message from Emily.

Emily keeps Ali busy by telling her she wants to make amends between them. Meanwhile, Aria is at Radley teaching her art class. She creates a diversion so that Spencer and Mona can get where they need to be. However, Hanna and Caleb see Holbrook enter Radley.

Holbrook grills Aria about working at Radley and brings Spencer’s name into the conversation.

While they’re waiting, Hanna tells Caleb she scored seriously high on her SAT’s and is looking at colleges.

Allison calls out Emily for lying, and is angry when she finds out Em lied to her about wanting to be friends again. Just then, Paige sees Ali leave Emily’s house and Allison’s new friends waiting for her in the car. Paige decides to follow the group, who seem to be up to no good.

Spencer and Mona find Bethany’s files and recorded sessions. The girls listen to one tape, where Bethany reveals that Mrs. D. was having an affair with Bethany’s father.

Spencer calls Toby, who is driving in his car. He’s fading in and out, but Spencer hears him get into a car accident.

It cuts back to Thanksgiving Day and the girls are at the Brew together. Toby has a broken leg, but will be fine. Paige rushes in to tell Emily and the girls that she followed Ali, and that she’s building an army of her own. Just then, police arrest Spencer for the murder of Bethany Young.

Mona goes through Bethany’s tapes, but stops to promise her mother she’ll meet her for Thanksgiving dinner with family soon after. Mona gets a feeling she’s being watched and locks the door behind her mom.

Mona calls Aria and tells her that Allison lured Bethany to Rosewood because she was jealous and angry, and wanted Bethany dead. Just then “A” breaks into Mona’s house. Aria and Ezra rush to Mona’s house after Mona tells her she has proof that Ali is “A.”

The girls enter Mona’s house together and find a ton of blood. Later, a crowd gathers at the scene, including Allison.

Holbrook reveals that they did not find a body, but that the amount of blood reveals that Mona was murdered.

That night, “A” replaces the baby Jesus in Emily’s nativity with a doll of Mona. “A” puts the baby Jesus in her trunk along with Mona’s dead body.

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