‘Are You The One’ matches win MTV’s $1 million

are you the one matches finale
are you the one matches finale

The “Are You The One” cast found their perfect matches and one MTV biggest cash prize, $1 million on the season finale.

‘Are You The One’ finale: Perfect matches revealed

After only 9 match up ceremonies the gang did it. They all matched up with their “perfect match,” and took home $50K each.

The matches ended up being as follows:

  1. Dylan and Coleysia
  2. Chris and Pagie
  3. Kayla and Wes
  4. Jacy and Scali
  5. Dre and Simone
  6. Ryan and Jessica
  7. Shanley and Adam
  8. John and Ashley
  9. Ethan and Amber

Stay tuned for the dramatic reunion!

The “Are You The One” reunion will air next week with a few surprises. An engagement will be announced. (Spoiler alert: We think it’s Ethan and Amber!) and Paige tells Shanley that Chris asked her for nude photos!

It looks like the drama’s not quite over yet for the group of attractive 20-somethings. Be sure to tune in to MTV at 10 p.m. on Tuesday for the reunion.

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