One Direction leaked drug video triggers #CutForZuis Twitter trend

One Direction disbanding? Group Speaks Out.

1D Twitter trend #CutForZuis causes major concern

One Direction leaked drug video has sparked a new and disturbing Twitter trend that is setting the social media a blaze today.

It all started with a video that was leaked of One Direction members Zayn Mayik and Louis Tomlinson smoking what looks to be a marijuana joint.

At this time it is not known how this disturbing #CutForZuis trend began whether it was a One Direction fan, or a Twitter hoaxer.

Dangerous social media trends sparked by celebrity behavior

Several of the tweets are accompanied by very graphic photos of self inflicted harm.

This type of trend has invaded the social media before among fans and is the second one involving the “Story of My Life” hitmakers.

Last August a similar trend #CutForZerrie began trending world-wild after Zayn Malik announced his engagement to girlfriend Perrie Edwards.

As previously reported, The Daily Mail posted the video which shows the two boy banders smoking a joint, laughing and joking about their “contraband” and “Mary Jane.”

The One Direction singers pass the joint back and forth between each other in the leaked video. Zane and Louis are now being called “Justin Bieber 2.0.”

This is a serious matter that needs to be addressed by One Direction members and reps, fans should be made aware that the group members do not want to see their fans harmed in any way.

Twitter reactions are varying on the One direction page with comments that included post such as,

“Im leaving the fandom over this”
“they let us down.”

“This is getting ridiculous. Someone needs to stop the boys. It’s getting out of control.”

“You guys were my idols. I LOVED U SO MUCH !!111!!
“zouis u let us all down!1!!!
“i hope ur happy!1!!

Just last year a similar Justin Bieber trend sparked among Beliebers after one of Justin’s many public incidents.

What are your thoughts on the One Direction leaked drug video and the Twitter trend#CutForZuis?

How should ID handle this negativity surrounding the group today?

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