Nurse Jackie Season 6 Finale Spoilers: Jackie hits her lowest rock bottom yet

Nurse Jackie Season 6 Finale finds Jackie hitting her biggest rock bottom yet
Nurse Jackie Season 6 Finale finds Jackie hitting her biggest rock bottom yet
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Nurse Jackie Season 6 finale Jackie has hit her lowest rock bottom yet and she is going to have hard time bouncing back back from this anytime soon.

Nurse Jackie’s low to big to come back from this time?

Everyone that Jackie loves, cares for and respects in any way shape and form has banned against her, or for her and are forcing her to face her drug addictions and get help… or else she loses everything.Lets face Nurse Jackie has done some pretty terrible stuff in season 6.

Just as Jackie was on her way to the airport to go away and attempt to make herself well, she gets stuck in a traffic jam. As she tries to pass up he traffic at the front is a horrific car car that finds a man begging for someone to please help his injured wife.

Jackie being the nurse she is and caring for others stops against her better judgment to lend a helping hand and ends up running even later for her flight.

The finale finds Jackie speeding along and crashing her own car with hundreds of pills spilling from her luggage all over the wreckage. Ends up Jackie is fine…BUT she is arrested and ends up in jail.

Will Jackie manipulate her way out of her new trouble?

This is where the season ends, and tells us all all so calmly that Nurse Jackie will be back next year for a brand new season.

Are you kidding me… how can they leave us this way?


Television marketing is a nasty and cruel reality and lets be honest Showtime has been doing an awesome job with their made for cable shows lately.

Thumbs up to Edie Falco she is a riveting actress and really draws viewers in whether she is portraying a drug addicted emergency room nurse or Tony Soprano’s mob wife Carmella Soprano.

But we have a some great Nurse Jackie Season 7 Spoilers coming so check back to Hollywood News Daily and read up to get your Nurse Jackie news fix.

So, what did you think about the Nurse Jackie Season 6 finale, were you intrigued or do you feel like they should have given us more before making us wait several months to find out what becomes of Jackie?



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