New ‘Flowers in The Attic’ novel: What to expect

flowers in the attic book christiopher's diary what to expect
flowers in the attic book christiopher's diary what to expect
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This week news came out that there is going to be another “Flowers in The Attic” book released. This came as a surprise to many V.C. Andrews fans as it’s been 27 years since a book in the Dollenganger series was published.

New ‘Flowers in the Attic’ book ‘Christopher’s Diary’: What to expect

However, “Christopher’s Diary” will be split into two volumes with the first being released in November, and the yet to be named second installment following in February.

So, what can fans expect in the new novels? According to the author, the books will be packed full of drama, like the originals.

“It came to me to write ‘Flowers in the Attic’ from another perspective,” Andrew Neiderman, who currently writes under V.C. Andrews name revealed. “However it’s much, much more than that.”

‘Christopher’s Diary’ — The story line

“Christopher’s Diary” picks up many years later in Charlottesville, Va,. where the horrific events at Foxworth Hall have become nothing but legends and stories to scare the local kids. Around Halloween the newspapers write up scary stories, and some even ‘claim to have seen or heard the ghost of a little boy crying for his lost brother and sisters.’ Apparently nobody knows the truth. So it becomes legendary.”

Readers will meet a new character, Kristin Masterwood, a 16-year-old girl who’s late mother is a distant relative of Malcom Foxworth.

When Kristin’s father is hired to evaluate the remains of Foxworth Hall, she comes along with him and finds something shocking.

When a metal box is discovered buried in the rubble, a leather bound book holding terrible secrets is revealed.

The book is Christopher Dollenganger’s diary, and tells the shocking story of how he and his siblings were held prison of the attic in Foxworth Hall.

Kristin become eerily obsessed with Christopher’s diary, and it has a huge effect on her life.

Here’s where the book gets creepy

“The key to the story is how the diary affects her and her relationship with her boyfriend, friends and everything else,” Neiderman reveals. “And it becomes weird. What happens is the boyfriend discovers the diary … and he decides they should read it together, aloud, up in her attic, and try to get the feel of what it was like. So we have this whole recapture of ‘Flowers in the Attic.’”

But don’t worry “Flower in the Attic” fans, this book isn’t a rewrite by any means. “You have Christopher’s viewpoint of what happens in there, the events are there, but really the ‘A’ story is Kristin Masterwood. It’s really her story and how the diary affects her, and the thing I think that makes it unique is how the diary affects the character in the story is how ‘Flowers in the Attic’ affected the readership that it had. Their reactions – which are really weird if you read some of them – is kind of what happens to her. She becomes obsessed with it. It takes over her life,” Andrew said.

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