Mrs. Doubtfire, Mean Girls and more: Movies recut as different genres

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When you think of “Mrs. Doubtire” you don’t think dark psychological thriller. And when you see “Mean Girls,” you don’t think of the horror genre, but what happens when movies are re-cut into different genres?

What happens when you re-cut movie trailers into different genres?

The outcome is not only epic, but hilarious, and a little creepy! Check out these movie trailers re-edited into different genres. You can thank us later.

Mrs. Doubfire” as a horror film – A man loves his children so much he’ll stop at nothing to be in their lives, including becoming an entirely different person.

Mean Girls” as a horror film — Obsession, popularity, and back stabbing frienemies lure teenage girls to behave like monsters.

Stephen King’s ‘IT’” as a family movie — A town in despair is saved by the hero clown who brings love and hope back to the city.

Home Alone” as a dark thriller — When Kevin wishes his family is out of the way he takes it upon himself to get rid of them and anyone else who stands in his way.

Forrest Gump” as a gangster film — With a single mom Forrest tried to get out of his “hood” by any means possible, but a drugged out “baby mama” and other circumstances kept trying to pull him back down.

Willy Wonka” as a horror film — A mad man’s illness is hidden behind the walls of his candy factory, and no one is safe when he invites a select few into his factory.

Jaws” as a Disney movie — When the local beach in town is going under one man makes a shocking discovery, a singing shark, whom he hopes will help save the livelihood of his beloved town and beach.

The Hangover’ as a horror film — When four men set out on a trip to Las Vegas for a bachelor party, they quickly realize they’re in the company of a deranged lunatic who sucks them all into his nightmare.

The Shining‘ as a feel good family film — When a failed writer meets a boy without a dad they quickly hit if off and learn and grow from their time together.

What a difference editing makes! What did you think of this movie trailers re-cut into different genres? Tweet us @OMGNewsDaily or leave a comment below.

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