‘Modern Family’ Season 6 Premiere Recap: ‘The Long Honeymoon

Modern Family season 6 premiere recap: 'The Long Honeymoon'
Modern Family season 6 premiere recap: 'The Long Honeymoon'
Modern Family season 6 premiere recap: ‘The Long Honeymoon’ (ABC)

The “Modern Family” season 6 premiere was hilarious as usual. After a their big wedding, Cam and Mitchell are newlyweds and back from their honeymoon, but Cam is still acting like very lovey dovey.

‘The Middle’ season 6 premiere recap: ‘The Long Honeymoon’

Phil and Claire’s lives are going well. The kids are getting along, Hailey’s fashion blog is blowing up, Luke is getting along with his sisters, and Alex is away at camp.

Jay gets new glasses, and Gloria hates them. They are big and look too old for Gloria’s taste. She subtly tries to drop hints about them, but Jay doesn’t catch on.

Mitchell visits Claire to complain that Cam is being too romantic and lovely, but he finds the Dunphy’s acting happier than ever.

Alex is bad luck

However, when Alex returns home from summer camp, the entire mood in the house changes. Alex says she’s had the worst summer ever, and everyone quickly falls back into their old ways.

Later, Alex tells her family about her terrible summer, and Phil and Claire notice that may be the reason their kids fight.

Jay returns home from the dry cleaner and tells Gloria that he’s missing another shirt, and then quickly realizes his wife has been sending the clothes she doesn’t like to her family in Columbia.

Jay and Gloria have a stand off

Jay tells Gloria that she doesn’t need to be dolled up all the time, and that she can overdo it. So, she teaches him a lesson by dressing way down to meet with his clients.

Meanwhile, Cam surprises Mitchell at work and embarrasses him in front of his co-workers.

Phil and Claire try to convince Alex to go back to camp and finish what she started, but she sees through them, realizing that the family is “happier” when she’s not there, and storms out.

When Gloria tests Jay by going to his business meeting dressed down, he admits that he quit trying to dress nice because he felt old.

Cam is too romantic after the honeymoon

Later, Cam is dramatically hurt by Mitchell wanting him to tone down the romantic stuff, and that he cannot keep up with the level of affection. Cam tells him that he’s afraid that if he stops being romantic that it will all end. Mitchell then tells Cam that he’ll try to be a bit more romantic.

Alex is about to leave when she notices Hailey’s webcam is on. It seems Hailey has been showing off a bit too much, which is why she has so many subscribers. The Dunphey’s finally realize they need Alex to supervise them.

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