‘Modern Family’ Season 6, Episode 2 Recap – ‘Do Not Push’

Modern Family recap -- Do Not Push
Modern Family recap -- Do Not Push
Modern Family recap — Do Not Push (ABC)

TV’s favorite family is finally back, and after last week’s hilarious “Modern Family” season 6 premiere, fans are eager to see what’s in store this season for the Tucker, Pritchit, and Dunphey families.

‘Modern Family’ season 6, episode 2 — ‘Do Not Push’

In episode 2 of season 6, Cam, Mitchell, and Lily are getting a new family portrait, as Lily has become upset about not being in the big photo above the family’s mantle, but Lily’s “weird, forced smile” is upsetting to perfectionist Cam.

Cam and Mitchell decide to show Lily the photos to see if she’ll figure out a better way to smile. When Lily questions her fathers she thinks they’re calling her an “ugly monster,” and decides to hide out in her room.

Mitchell calls Claire for advice, and she tells him it’s normal for kids to go through those problems, and to ignore it. Later, Cam and Mitchell put a photo of the family up on the mantle, embracing Lily’s new smile, which makes her happy.

Meanwhile, the Dunphey’s are visiting a college campus which Alex is considering attending. Claire is making a big deal about Alex staying close to home for college, because she thinks once she’s graduated college she’ll never see her again as she’ll be off making a successful life.

Claire is upset when Alex tells her that she won’t go to Cal Tech because it’s too close to home, and she wants to get away from her family for a while.

‘Modern Family’ recap — What a hectic day

During the tour, Alex meets a boy who tells her that he’d love to go to Cal Tech with Alex, and that he’d love to live close to home. Later, Alex tells her mother that she may consider Cal Tech after all.

Meanwhile, Phil, Luke, and Haley decide to participate in an experiment to get paid fifty dollars apiece, and realize that “waiting for the experiment is the experiment.”

When Luke wants to fail the experiment, Phil gets angry, and Luke and Phil realize that they are too much alike, but Haley stops them, telling them she’s tired of being a failure. Finally, they realize the experiment is only a written test, and that they’ve been acting silly.

Over at Jay and Gloria’s it’s the couple’s anniversary, and Jay is worried about getting Gloria the perfect gift, especially after finding out she got him an expensive watch that he wanted.

Jay confides in Manny that he made Gloria a gift in his pottery class, a pink bunny out of clay. However, Jay realizes that Gloria may want something expensive, but Manny wants him to give her the gift he made.

When Jay gives Gloria his gift, she breaks it thinking there was a real present inside. Jay is obviously upset, and tells his wife there was supposed to be a bracelet inside.

Later, Manny tells Gloria that the bunny was the present, and that he worked very hard on it. She is instantly upset, and tries to glue the bunny back together.

When Jay gets back from the jewelry store, he finds his bunny has been put back together, and that Gloria has made him a homemade gift as well. They plan to return the jewelry they got for each other, but then decide to keep them even after they realize they depend on material possessions too much.

After a hectic day, the “Modern Family” gang settles down, and all is right in the family yet again…at least until next week.

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