Mischa Barton weight gain, from stick thin to full figured

Mischa Barton has really filled out since her days on The O.C. as the rail thin and fragile looking Marissa Cooper of 2005. Mischa Barton was spotted out and about enjoying a nice walk in the sunshine recently sporting a fuller figure than most of her fans are used to.

Former O.C. star struts her stuff with fuller figure

Looking relaxed and content with life the 28-year-old actress was walking her adorable Pekinese pooch Ziggy in California wearing gym clothes with bright neon colors. Mischa Barton was make up, and care free as she strolled up to meet a pal drinking a green smoothie outside the Kreation Kafe.

See Mischa Barton fuller figure photo here.

Barton is currently involved in filming a new upcoming movie “Operator,” in which she plays the lead role of Pamela Miller.The new film will find Mischa Barton working side by side with actor Michael Pare in the action packed thriller about a 911 operator who’s daughter is abducted.

Mischa Barton enjoying new movie role in upcoming thriller

It is good to see Mischa Barton weight  is leaving her feeling comfortable in her own skin these days, and more of it moving past her previous bouts with legal troubles and substance abuse issues back in 2007 after the actress was arrested for DUI and driving without a valid license.

In 2009 Barton was held on a 5150 psychiatric hold after she was at dentist office seeking treatment and got into a fight with the nurse who was there to administer medication before the procedure. Through all her issues it now appears that Mischa Barton has a different outlook on life and is living it to the fullest.

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