Mila Kunis upset about Ashton Kutcher and Lindsay Lohan hook up?

mila kunis
mila kunis
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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are reportedly going through some relationship troubles, and it look as if there is trouble in paradise for the newly engaged couple.

Mila Kunis and Ashton’s troubles started soon after the Lindsay Lohan lover list was made public and the former “That 70s Show” star found that her man’s name on the long star studded list, In Touch Weekly reported.
Reports reveal that Mila is furious and jealous about the news.
Sources close to Kunis stated,
“Mila is definitely going to be jealous and upset. She’s only human and has insecurities like everyone else.This just takes away from the wedding. Someone like Lindsay coming back up like this shakes the foundation of what they’re trying to build.”
Lindsay Lohan has obviously been a busy gal over the years if this lover list holds any merit.
 As previously reported Lohan’s list of bed post notches include big name celebs such as Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, Orlando Bloom and Zac Efron.
Obviously Mila Kunis probably isn’t happy about Ashton’s name being thrown around on this alleged Lindsay Lohan lover list, what girl wants to have to think about her future husband’s ex lovers.
But Mila and Ashton are grown ups and they are very aware that each has been in other relationships before finding their way back to each other. So is it true that Mila is jealous about this news, could be but will it be enough tear their relationship apart?
Do you believe Mila Kunis should be jealous of Lindsay Lohan’s alleged lover list?
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