Meredith Vieria reveals she was trapped in an abusive relationship

Meredith Vieria recently opened up abut her years spent trapped in an abusive relationship, one that she stayed in because fear and guilt.

Talk show host Meredith Vieria opens up about her past abusive relationship

The nationally know reporter and TV host talked openly and in detail about how as a young woman she struggled to leave a man she loved even after he had started physically assaulting her.

“There was the night, we shared an apartment, and he threw me into a shower, naked with scalding water, and then he threw me outside into the hallway,” she said.

Vieria describes the horror she dealt with in a past abusive relationship

Meredith Vieria, now 60-years old opened up to audience members in attendance at her talk show, “The Meredith Vieria Show,” describing how she once hid in the stairwell of their apartment building for more than two hours one night while she waited for her boyfriend to come out and apologize to her saying in tears, “I promise I won’t do this again.”

But he did, Meredith Vieria reveals that the violence would start when he would grab her arms during an argument, then continue by pushing into walls, grabbing her face, while he threatened to ruin her career.

“A lot of people say, ‘Well, who would stay in that situation? Somebody who doesn’t have the wherewithal to get out, the means to get out.’ I had that. I had a job at the time and I kept in this relationship,” she said.

Meredith reveals she was just terrified and feared something terrible might happen to her if she left — but that wasn’t the only reason. She continued explaining that part of the problem was the guilt she, herself felt that she had somehow “contributed to the problem.”
“Domestic violence … is really, really a complicated issue,” Vieria states, “It’s not so easy to just get away. You think it would be, but it’s not.”

Today Meredith Vieria is happy, more secure woman who claims that her advice to anyone going through this now would to be “get out.”

One frightening fact revealed by Meredith Vieria is that every nine seconds a woman in the United States is abused.If you feel threatened or in danger please call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 for help.

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