Mary Tyler Moore: Friends believe she is dying

Mart Tyler Moore battling blindness from decades of sufefring from Type 1 diabetes according to Betty White
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Mary Tyler Moore in failing health

Mary Tyler Moore is in rapid declining health according to her close friends believe at this rate Moore could have as short as three months left to live.

Pals close to the legendary actress Mary Tyler Moore have expressed their great concerns that the actress suffering more recent health concerns.

It has been revealed that recent developments concerning Mary Tyler Moore’s health has led up to a heartbreaking nursing home drama.

Friends close to the star stated that they have tried to convince MTM to move into a nursing home facility to obtain the care she needs, but Mary has refused.

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“I think Mary may be struggling with something like dementia or Alzheimer’s. It’s so sad,” an insider said.

“I fear she has only three months to live, and she may not last that long if she isn’t put into an assisted living facility where she can get around-the-clock care.

“But Mary has protested, saying ‘I won’t go!’”
“So far, Mary won’t hear of it,” said another insider.

“When she’s more lucid, she says that she wants to live out her final days there. But the house has turned into a danger trap because she often walks around in what looks like a state of confusion.

As previously reported Mary Tyler Moore is nearly blind now, following many, many years of battling diabetes according to her longtime former co-star and friend Betty White.

White stated that Mary “is almost beyond the point [of being able to see].”

This new possible Dementia possibilities added with her sight issues has many friends believing that Mary Tyler Moore is at a huge risk of a home accident that will end her life much like that of the recently lost celeb Ann. B.Davis of “The Brady Bunch.

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